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Capitol Quotes: Oct. 7, 2011

“In the absence of a plan, they’re left to focus on the CEO’s salary.” — Lobbyist Kevin DeMenna on the backlash from lawmakers about Don Cardon’s compensation package.

“It is also clear that those who have assisted Cortes have done so to divert votes from Lewis for Pearce’s benefit.” — Judge Edward Burke, who nonetheless decided that it’s not the court’s job to examine candidates’ motives for running.

“I just wanted to make sure we weren’t going to have a Wednesday morning surprise.” — Republican IRC Commissioner Richard Stertz, after asking Chair Colleen Mathis whether she was planning to make any unilateral changes to proposed legislative maps, as she did to the congressional map the commission approved on Oct. 3.

“How is that a Democratic map? If they can answer that, then that would be great. But they won’t be able to answer it because it’s not a Democratic map.” — Democratic IRC Commissioner Jose Herrera, refuting Republican allegations that the commission gerrymandered the congressional map to favor Democrats.

“My name is Jay Tibshraeny, mayor of Mesa.” — Jay Tibshraeny, Chandler mayor, speaking at the Independent Redistricting Commission’s Oct. 5 meeting.

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