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‘Rudy’s Law’ needed to protect families, employers

Nothing is more devastating than losing a child.

Losing a child —  or any loved one —  at the hands of a convicted criminal who is let into your home to do work because he is employed by a trusted company is simply unforgiveable in a world where thorough background checks are readily available.

Yet, we are childless today because a criminal with a 16-year prison record whose dozens of convictions include armed robbery and drug-related crimes was hired by three different companies to install cable in people’s homes.

Our only son, Rudy Padilla Jr., was executed in our home. His hands and feet were bound and his head was covered with a pillowcase before he was shot in the back of the head by a man who should never have been given a job in which he would come into homes. If only a simple background check had been performed, our son would be alive today.

Today, we spend our days as his voice and we are grateful to Sen. Linda Gray for helping us do that by sponsoring SB1471, which would give employers an incentive to conduct proper background checks on people who work in residences. With the passage of this legislation, not only will we be safer in our homes, but employers will avoid the costs associated with employing dangerous criminals.

We still have a long way to go in order to get this law on the books. For the sake of all Arizona families, we pray for the opportunity to make “Rudy’s Law” a reality.

— Sandy and Rudy Padilla, Phoenix

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    For the sake of all families, within these United States, my hope is that this
    Lesgislative Bill, goes beyond the parameter of Arizona, and takes on the
    strength of, what is now known as ,\Megan’s Law\ throughout the Country.

    It is imperative that the caliber of this information is enforced in all fifty states.

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