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I’m a Latina and I’m voting for Fred DuVal

Lydia Guzman

Lydia Guzman

Like many Latinos, I was surprised, but not shocked, by Catherine Miranda’s endorsement of Doug Ducey. In her letter, she cites Ducey’s time as a CEO and his “Opportunity for All” campaign slogan as her justification. The problem is even a quick examination of his record, his endorsements and his positions demonstrate that “Opportunity for All” doesn’t include Latinos. Let me explain why.

First, let’s look at Ducey’s endorsements. This is hardly a list that should give Latinos confidence he cares in the least about our interests. To the contrary, the people he has surrounded himself are reason alone for Catherine to withdraw her endorsement. Let’s start with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Governor Jan Brewer. Sheriff Arpaio’s office is under court supervision for racially profiling Latinos. Governor Brewer signed SB1070 and refuses to grant drivers licenses to DACA cardholders even though Arizona law says she should. Why Catherine Miranda would lend her name to a campaign endorsed by these two is beyond me.

Next, she cites Ducey’s business record of “creating jobs.” Let’s be honest, Ducey’s real record is less than stellar. The Wall Street Journal called Cold Stone one of the two worst franchisors in the country. The Small Business Administration says nearly one-in-three Cold Stone franchisees defaulted on their loans. Those losses cost taxpayers $34.1M in bailout money, beating the third-place company by a whopping $24.1M. Experienced entrepreneurs called Cold Stone “the Enron of franchises.” Many lost their life savings when Ducey’s sales promises never materialized. The key to creating jobs is to make them permanent. Ducey not only killed the employee’s jobs, he took out the owner, too.

How did Ducey attempt to help these entrepreneurs? He licensed stores to compete against each other and then when one failed he sued and blamed them for costing HIM money. His campaign videos accuse his victims of “sour grapes.” Who wouldn’t be angry if they lost their life savings because they were lied to? How can Latinos, or any Arizonan, believe anything Ducey says or any promise he makes?

Where is Doug Ducey’s outreach to Latinos? Why isn’t he meeting with community leaders? Has he expressed any interest in our opinions? Does his immigration plan mention or show any compassion for DREAMers or their families? This makes Miranda’s endorsement of Ducey even more puzzling.

It is truly disappointing that the wife of Ben Miranda, a champion of immigration reform, staunch critic of Joe Arpaio, SB1070 and Republicans who want to repress Latinos in Arizona would endorse someone who is clearly in the camp of those who would rather keep us down than stand up for us.

The right man for governor in this election is Fred DuVal. That’s who I’m voting for and I encourage every Latino or Latina who cares about our community to do the same.

– Lydia Guzman is a social activist and advocate for migrant rights in Arizona.

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