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For every solar action, there’s an opposite APS reaction

Lesko today confirmed that she’s working with APS, Legislative Council, and Marc Osborn of Arizona Prosperity Alliance to craft a referendum to compete with Kris Mayes’ pro-solar initiative.

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  1. Unquestionably, the various miscreants working against those who care about climate change and the environment are working overtime to assure that we do not progress in solving problems. This lead by the opaque efforts of Bob Stump, and the Koch Bros. inspired gaggle that have responsibility to the taxpayers.

  2. Good job Debbie ! getting out in front of this problem.
    We have an elected corporation commission that is supposed to determine what’s best for everybody,” Lesko said. “Not just some niche of people and benefiting billionaire companies in California.”

    Arizona Public Service, admitted last week that it had been secretly contributing to outside nonprofits running negative ads against solar power.

    “concerned that ratepayer money might be funding these campaigns.”
    * Since 2010 solar rooftop installations have increased six-fold

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