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Congratulations to The Breakdown Breakouts!


Our inaugural Breakouts are among the sharpest political minds in Arizona. They work in and outside of government, manage their own businesses and provide counsel to some of the most important entities in the state.

 They routinely take on complex subjects and tackle the most challenging issues. They have established their credentials through hard work, persistence and that independent spirit that defines the American southwest. And they have proven that age, truly, is no barrier to success.

 Please join us in celebrating their accomplishments on November 27.

 Editor’s note: The Arizona Capitol Times newsroom played no role in the selection process.  

 Jessie Armendt, Senior Associate, Compass Strategies

Jimmy Arwood, Democratic strategist

Paul Bentz, Pollster, HighGround Public Affairs

Meghaen Dell’Artino, Owner, Public Policy Partners

Joe DeMenna, Partner, DeMenna Public Affairs

Ryan DeMenna, Partner, DeMenna Public Affairs

Yesenia Dhott, Government Relations Manager, City of Phoenix

Jeff Gray, Legislative Affairs Manager, Central Arizona Project

Kory Langhofer, Managing Partner, Statecraft

Stephanie Parra, Government Relations Director, Arizona Education Association

Dawn Penich-Thacker, Communications Director, Save Our Schools Arizona

Sam Richard, Creosote Partners

Gina Roberts, Voter Education Director, Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commission

Daniel Ruiz, Senior Advisor for Communications & Policy Strategy, Arizona Governor’s Office

Annie Vogt, Associate Director, Veridus

Cheyenne Walsh, Partner, Isaacson & Walsh

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