City of Phoenix

May 20, 2023

Low-income tenants lack options as old mobile home parks are razed

The razing of older mobile home parks across the United States worries advocates who say bulldozing them permanently eliminates some of the already limited housing for the poorest of the poor. Residents may have to double up with relatives or live in their cars amid spiking evictions and homelessness, they warn.

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May 1, 2023

City of Phoenix to appeal ruling compelling it to clear out homeless encampment

The City of Phoenix filed notice it would be appealing a ruling compelling the city to clear out the homeless encampment known as “the Zone” by July and filed a motion to stay the ruling amid the appeal.

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Apr 28, 2023

Phoenix residents could see water bill increases coming soon

Phoenix residents could see an increase in their water bills soon. Although the Valley has seen more rain than normal this winter, with almost an inch more than the average in March, it wasn’t enough to combat the ongoing drought in Arizona.

webtool, Arizona State University, climate action, heat vulnerability
Apr 21, 2023

Webtool helps cities mitigate localized heat 

Researchers at Arizona State University developed a webtool showing different temperatures in various parts of the Valley as cities in the region continue to address temperature disparities.  

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Apr 7, 2023

Controversial Arizona bill would allow factories to treat their own water

A bill to let Nestlé treat wastewater at its proposed Glendale plant and pump that water into the aquifer, earning water storage credits to draw on in the future, is raising fears that it will pit businesses against other water users.

Coyotes, Tempe, Phoenix, lawsuit, entertainment district
Apr 7, 2023

Coyotes’ developer threatens to sue Phoenix for ‘interference’ in Tempe district

The Arizona Coyotes’ development arm threatened Wednesday to sue Phoenix for interfering with plans for the team’s new home in a proposed Tempe Entertainment District, saying a Phoenix lawsuit “intentionally harmed” the developer.

the Zone, homeless, homelessness, City of Phoenix, appeal, court order
Mar 28, 2023

Judge orders Phoenix to clean out ‘the Zone’ homeless site

A Maricopa County Superior Court judge ordered the City of Phoenix to clean out “the Zone” homeless encampment downtown.

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Feb 2, 2023

Judge: ‘Clean Zone’ ordinance violates First Amendment

A judge agreed the city of Phoenix’s Super Bowl “Clean Zone” ordinance violated the First Amendment and was an unconstitutional delegation of government power.  

snowpack, Colorado River, drought, Arizona, Colorado, California, Rocky Mountains
Jan 30, 2023

Rain, snow won’t be enough to end West’s drought

The West has been slammed by wet weather this winter: An “atmospheric river” has pummeled California with weeks of heavy rain and the Rocky Mountains are getting buried with snow. That’s good news for the Colorado River, but climate scientists say the 40 million people who use the river’s water should take the good news with a grain of salt.

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Jan 20, 2023

Catalytic converter theft continues to rage in Phoenix

Catalytic converter theft continues to rage in the City of Phoenix despite legislation enacted last May designed to deter such theft. Now, the Phoenix Police Department is joining forces with Courtesy Automotive Group to permanently etch catalytic converters with SafeCat anti-theft technology that ties a SafeCat serial number to the vehicle’s VIN and registers it in a national database.

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Jan 13, 2023

Goldwater Institute files lawsuit against Phoenix over ‘Clean Zone’ blanketing tied to Super Bowl downtown

Attorneys from the Goldwater Institute filed a lawsuit against the City of Phoenix alleging First Amendment violations over the implementation of a “Clean Zone” blanketing downtown and banning temporary signage within the city before, during and after the Super Bowl.  

Dec 16, 2022

Federal judge orders stop to enforcement of camping ban at homeless zone

White dump trucks outfitted with City of Phoenix emblems and street sweepers lined the roads near the concentrated homeless camp dubbed, “the Zone,” this morning as part of their new “enhanced clean-up” effort in the area.  A federal judge allowed the new cleaning procedure to go forward in an order issued Thursday night but barred […]