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Jan 20, 2023

Catalytic converter theft continues to rage in Phoenix

Catalytic converter theft continues to rage in the City of Phoenix despite legislation enacted last May designed to deter such theft. Now, the Phoenix Police Department is joining forces with Courtesy Automotive Group to permanently etch catalytic converters with SafeCat anti-theft technology that ties a SafeCat serial number to the vehicle’s VIN and registers it in a national database.

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Jan 13, 2023

Goldwater Institute files lawsuit against Phoenix over ‘Clean Zone’ blanketing tied to Super Bowl downtown

Attorneys from the Goldwater Institute filed a lawsuit against the City of Phoenix alleging First Amendment violations over the implementation of a “Clean Zone” blanketing downtown and banning temporary signage within the city before, during and after the Super Bowl.  

Dec 16, 2022

Federal judge orders stop to enforcement of camping ban at homeless zone

White dump trucks outfitted with City of Phoenix emblems and street sweepers lined the roads near the concentrated homeless camp dubbed, “the Zone,” this morning as part of their new “enhanced clean-up” effort in the area.  A federal judge allowed the new cleaning procedure to go forward in an order issued Thursday night but barred […]

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Dec 15, 2022

ACLU sues Phoenix over homeless ‘sweeps’ 

Frank Urban and Faith Kearns, who used to be unsheltered, are co-plaintiffs in a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union and the Fund for Empowerment against the city of Phoenix, alleging constitutional violations and municipal liability for alleged “sweeps,” subsequent seizure of property and the use of city statutes, “criminalizing homelessness.”  

Jun 1, 2020

Pandemic demonstrates importance of census

The COVID-19 crisis has undoubtedly turned a public eye on the importance of resources like hospitals and emergency services. In the coming months, the pandemic will continue to demonstrate how critical it is for the continuation of programs and services that matter in our communities, like hot school lunches for children and medical resources for […]

Apr 2, 2020

Supreme Court upholds Sky Harbor’s Uber, Lyft fees

Arizona's high court on April 2 upheld a $4 pickup and drop-off fee that led Uber and Lyft to threaten to stop serving Sky Harbor International Airport, one of the busiest in the nation.

Jan 10, 2020

Phoenix responds to AG’s rideshare probe: Fee is legal

The city of Phoenix filed its official response to Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s investigation into whether a recent hike of rideshare fees at Sky Harbor International Airport violates the state Constitution.

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton tours a new station that will connect Metro light rail with an electric train set to begin transporting people to Sky Harbor International Airport in early 2013. (Cronkite News Service Photo by Corbin Carson)
Dec 18, 2019

Phoenix raises airport fees on Uber, Lyft

The Phoenix City Council voted Wednesday, 7-2, to increase fees paid by ride-share companies for picking up and dropping off customers at Phoenix Sky Harbor, approving the controversial rate hike even after Lyft and Uber threatened to stop serving the airport at the start of the new year.

Sep 17, 2019

Supreme Court got it right, Phoenix violated speech rights

A state court isn’t typically where you’d turn for a dose of inspirational poetry. But once in a while, there’s an exception to every rule. For anyone interested in freedom, the Arizona Supreme Court’s majority decision in Brush & Nib Studio v. City of Phoenix is music to the ears.

Aug 15, 2019

If we build it they will come, but they are already here.

We are now in an age of climate refugees and a large corporations coming to Phoenix because we don't have a lot of the severe natural disasters destroying our City like floods, hurricanes, tropical storms, mudslides, earthquakes, and drought. We are going to continue to be a magnet for people and businesses relocating even though it is getting hotter here than ever before.

Jan 22, 2019

Gay discrimination case could turn on question of message conveyed

The oral arguments the Arizona Supreme Court heard today on a Phoenix anti-discrimination ordinance centered on a what a message conveys.

Nov 6, 2018

Congratulations to The Breakdown Breakouts!

Our inaugural Breakouts are among the sharpest political minds in Arizona. They work in and outside of government, manage their own businesses and provide counsel to some of the most important entities in the state.