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Legislators should protect abundance of jobs in HOA industry


Secure, sustainable job opportunities is key to any successful economic growth. Two of the many benefits of working in the Home Owner Association industry are:

Its employment needs are substantially unaffected by recessions and economic downturns.

It provides for myriad job opportunities applicable to a wide range of skill sets.

Linda Lang

Linda Lang

These benefits, combined with the many benefits of living in a state where the cost of living is reasonable, housing is still affordable and the weather is spectacular, should result in a continuation of qualified candidates for the many employment positions that exist within this industry. But we cannot rest on our laurels – just like all other employers, we must provide competitive salaries, pleasant work environments, flexibility and advancement in career opportunities to retain and motivate staff.

The Arizona Association of Community Managers management company members provide management services to over 2,000 HOAs in Arizona. New communities are being developed at a steady pace again and with each new development, a new HOA is formed. In order to provide the best service possible for these HOAs, both existing and new, professional management companies hire a wide range of staff, including community managers, administrative assistants, staff accountants, accounts payable and accounts receivable clerks, controllers, lifestyle directors, maintenance technicians, porters, communication coordinators, IT professionals, customer service representatives, receptionists, fitness directors, budget analysts, and the list goes on and on. With a current U.S. unemployment rate of 4.0 percent and 4.8 percent in Arizona, we need to do all that we can to attract and keep educated, experienced talent to provide these necessary services.

In order to elevate and further define HOA professionals and their skill sets, AACM developed its educational certification program for its members. By completing specific educational classes and successful test scoring, HOA professionals can obtain a Certified Arizona Association Manager designation or a Certified Arizona Association Support Personnel designation. This indicates that this person is dedicated to not only obtaining the designation but also to required annual continuing education, which results in a better-informed, better-educated HOA professional to help serve their communities in the best possible way. We believe that these types of certifications are tantamount to attracting and keeping employees motivated and engaged as well as to giving our Arizona HOAs the service they deserve in protecting their assets and property values.

We would be remiss in not mentioning the thousands of additional jobs that exist with the vendors who also provide services to our HOAs, including landscapers, pest control, insurance, banking, reserve analysts, CPAs, janitorial, handyman, plumbing, electricians, gate maintenance, engineers, security, painting, caterers, and so on. Along with these vendors and the services they provide, our HOA professionals play a vital role in ensuring long-term livability and value to our communities.

At the Arizona Association of Community Managers, we do all that we can to support our management company members and their goal of providing excellent employment opportunities, and we look to our state legislators to help drive economic growth and to protect the industries, including the HOA industry, which provide tens of thousands of jobs within the great state of Arizona through sound policy decisions and effective legislation.

— Linda Lang is CEO of the Arizona Association of Community Managers.


  1. who would want to ever be a part of this nazi group is beyond me. The type of person who likes to rat their neighbors out cause problems with people. HOA”S should be abolished ! horrible idea !!

  2. My thinking is that many of these jobs are already covered in various departments like real estate department, CPA, Register of Contractors, Fair Housing Regulations, pedt control, and other agencies. How about certification of board members of HO A. That is where most of the damages are done. I have see neighbors have a heart attack when a neighbor received a notice that their garage needed to be torn down because it was not to today’s code. It was built 20 years ago and approved by the country. I can’t understand why people who dislike government so much that they want to have another layer of goverence over them selves.

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