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Messengers of vaccine injuries not the culprits


This opinion is in response to the recent opinion-piece dated March 6, 2019 by authors, Dorit Rubinstein Reiss and Arthur Caplan entitled Don’t make measles great again in Arizona.

First, let’s make a distinction between the terms “immunize” and “vaccinate.” Immunize also known as immunity, is something that happens to a living being when it is exposed to naturally-occurring pathogens that naturally builds an immunity or resistance to said pathogen(s) as a normal growth process. Natural exposure to a pathogen or multiple pathogens confers lifetime protection to said pathogen(s). Pathogens can be introduced to the living being via air transmission, ingestion or other forms of physical contact. In this case, the pathogenic exposure would be addressed by one’s bodily defenses like the digestive system, respiratory system, lymph system and the like. Typically, the exposure to the pathogen is minute and without the risk of artificial excitotoxins as is the case with artificial means of attempted immunity.

Michelle Ford

Michelle Ford

“Vaccinate” on the other hand, is a process of artificially introducing a pathogen to a living thing, often through vaccination/inoculation, with the intention of conjuring temporary protection from a pathogen or pathogens. Vaccines are medical products containing not only pathogens but a host of other ingredients used to stimulate the immune system. Depending on the vaccine, ingredients can include heavy metals, formaldehyde, detergents, adjuvants, RNA and DNA fragments from aborted human fetus cell lines like MRC5 and WI38, RNA and DNA from animals and insects, as well as preservatives, among many other things. Each of these ingredients serves a purpose to make the vaccination work, however, no vaccine is 100 percent safe nor 100 percent effective. Further, because vaccines are a medical product, they come at a cost whether out-of-pocket or via insurance premiums paid by a person, employer or state. Lastly, because immunity is temporary, scheduled booster shots are necessary for the remainder of one’s lifespan giving potentially trillions of dollars to the vaccine manufacturers.

These terms, immunize and vaccinate, are often erroneously used interchangeably in our modern language in the United States but it must be made abundantly clear these two terms are distinctly different and must be used properly when discussing such things as outbreaks and/or legislation. In a nutshell, vaccination is NOT immunization.

There are multiple vaccine-related Bills in the AZ Legislature: HB2471 would require product inserts and ingredient lists be provided to individuals before consenting to vaccination and HB2470 would allow a religious exemption or personal written statement to exempt children from vaccines for grades K-12.

Let’s first address the issues surrounding comments made about HB2471. As Reiss and Caplan attempted to undermine parental rights and authority in their op-ed dated March 6, 2019, they also managed to completely insult the intelligence of readers by maintaining that parents could essentially be confused by the ingredient language used in product inserts. May I be so bold as to remind my fellow readers that nearly every product we have the option to buy, comes with a list of ingredients. The FDA has made sure that we know what’s in our gum, lotion, shampoo, oatmeal, bread, juice, cereal, you name it.

But Reiss and Caplan think vaccines, the one recommended and sometimes required, product that can puncture through the skin, bypassing typical bodily defense systems, are essentially too complicated for people to understand or even read about before making a decision.

Reiss and Caplan have a belief that HB2470 would be too easy for parents to opt-out of vaccinations if there are religious belief or personal written statement options available to them. The fact of the matter is, constituents are demanding access to these exemption options. Last I heard, we lived in a Constitutional Republic, which is a Government of the people, for the people and by the people. It’s a good thing the Legislators who authored these bills have actually listened to their constituents because frankly, parents likely wouldn’t be asking for these options if they hadn’t already experienced serious problems and complications from the liability-free medical interventions known as vaccines.

The news media continues to blame the rise in the number of requests for exemptions on something called “anti vaxxers” but the reality is, it is simply too hard to sue the Government for vaccine side effects so parents would rather be able to forgo the vaccines. Oh, maybe you hadn’t heard that you can’t sue the vaccine makers? Yeah, that happened under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 (NCVIA). Not only can you not sue manufacturers for defective products that can harm and possibly kill your child, but we are all paying for the fund. There’s an excise tax of $0.75 per dose set aside into the Vaccine-Injury Compensation Program. Since the NCVIA’s inception, taxpayers have funded over $4.2 Billion in vaccine related side effects and deaths. I’m not even talking about autism because they stopped paying for autism in 2002 when they realized how expensive it would be to pay off the-over-5,000 families suing for vaccine-induced autism (See OAP). Let that sink in for a minute. I’m talking about brain swelling, allergies, tics, seizures, diabetes, learning disabilities, digestive issues, ear infections, eczema, failure to thrive and a host of other chronic health issues like cancer caused by the SV40 virus or other toxic ingredients. It’s not the “one in a million” you keep being told. Think about it, you probably know at least one person with one or more of the aforementioned and those are just a small handful of vaccine side effects.

Blind faith is essentially what Reiss and Caplan are asking parents to do. They want you to blindly accept vaccinations like some archaic religious practice. Reading their opinion felt a little more like, “Hey parents, no need to know what’s in these vaccines. Look away and simply trust us because you’re simple-minded and we know better than you how to raise your child.”

Call it what it is, blatant disregard and blatant disrespect for parents and parental rights, and an unholy alliance between the pharmaceutical industry, politicians, regulatory agencies and doctors who collectively may have the right to stand between you and your child’s access to education. I don’t blame the doctors by the way. They are the unsuspecting victims of an industry gone awry, wrought with conflicts of interest, and an industry void of scientific integrity because of said conflicts. What other outcome could we possibly expect? These are products that are liability-free, recommended (sometimes mandated) for all school age kids in America, viewed as a religious tenet of health care, protected by industry and promoted nearly everywhere. Not only that but apparently, parents who are ringing alarm-bells have been listed as one of the “top 10 greatest threats to global health” by the World Health Organization (WHO). That’s laughable because the WHO is pointing the finger at the messenger instead of the culprit. The culprit is the filthy industry that’s getting away with this nightmare while laughing all the way to the bank. Don’t blame the messenger, pay attention to the canary in the coal mine.

Michelle Ford is president of the Vaccine-Injury Awareness League


  1. What I really wanted to say was WOW & BRAVO Michelle Ford. You have all that correct Thank you for telling it like it is. We need so many more like you to drown out the likes of Dorit & company.

  2. Anything you put into your body can pose as a risk to include a lettuce leaf, romain anyone? My point is, I would rather take the very low risk by vaccinating my child vs highly risking my child’s life by exposing her to deadly diseases. Plain and simple. Plus, most of these “scare tactics” articles are backed by junk science as well as authors who think by adding red lettering make the their articles more believable. FACT: Not vaccinating your child not only risks your child’s life but it risks those around your child who CANNOT get vaccinated. Shame on you.

  3. “Natural” immunity is not always lifelong. For example, the young boy who survived tenaus recently, in Oregon, can get it again because his parents chose not to vaccinate him (your distinction is correct).

  4. Michelle I wish I could hug you right now for your bold and honest truth amidst this desire to quiet anyone with a mouth or pen who dare speak to awareness and choice.

  5. Bravo; appreciate a logical rebuttal to the pharmaceutical industy. I believe and stand with the parents of vaccine-injured and -killed children and adults. Their reign of terror is ending.

  6. Bravo! Well said & thank you for this. I could not have said it better myself.

  7. I appreciate the thought taken to write this piece and agree that informed consent is always the best approach for any type of medical procedure or application.

    What the author fails to acknowledge is that, even though the FDA requires ingredient labels for all foods, how many people really take the time to read them, let alone truly know what each ingredient is? Outside of the complex chemical names included as ingredients or preservatives, what yellow dye 5?

    Next, the autor mislabeled immunization as immunity. While they are related they are different. Immunity is the virus natural defense against infection and disease. Immunization is the active process of activating the immune system, often by way of vaccination.

    Another misinformed point, is that natural immunity through natural infection equals life long protection. While this is still considered to be true for a number of pathogens, we now know that this is not always true. Not to mention, many pathogens can actually lead to life long chronic illness like hepatitis viruses and often lead to cancer and death.

    I am also disappointed in the author for continuing to peddle the old and now disproven link between vaccines and autism. The original study making the link has many times over been disproved and has since been retracted. It is for that reason alone that the vaccine injury fund she refers to has stopped funding autism cases.

    The author also fails to acknowledge that since the introduction of vaccines, the number of infant and child deaths do to infection have significantly decreased. Also the number of disabilities resulting from infections have also gone down, specifically paralysis from polio infection.

    What surprises me most about this decisive topic is how fearful people are about vaccine use, but so open and accepting they are of antibiotic use. Antibiotics are more dangerous than vaccines because we as a society misuse them all the time, when we don’t compete the regimen prescribed by the doctor or take them to treat a virus. Antibiotics don’t work or have any effect on viruses, they are for bacterial infections only. When we misuse or over use them, bacteria develop resistance and render them useless.

    My opinion is that we need to not only inform people about what’s in a vaccine, but also how they are developed and tested before being used on the public. We also need to educate people on how the immune system works and why vaccines have become so important and then let them decide whether they would like to take the gamble of not vaccinating themselves or their children.

  8. Excellent Opinion piece!!! The only sentence I disagree with is “I don’t blame the doctors, by the way”! Doctors take an oath to first “Do No Harm”. If they can’t see how their patients are becoming sicker by the day from the incredible amounts of toxins they are injecting into them or the drugs they prescribe then they aren’t as smart as we are brainwashed to believe they are. Most of the doctors I hear about bully, shame, or threaten their patients into vaccinating and drugging. Most doctors have completely ignored parents testimonies about the side effects of their treatments and continue the tired explanations that the side effects (death, neurological disorders, autoimmune disease, high-pitched screaming, seizures, asthma, etc.) all are “normal and couldn’t possible be caused by anything they prescribed. Thank you, Michelle Ford, for an excellent response to Reiss and Caplan! I pray for the day when medical mandates are outlawed and our health freedom is totally restored. Only then will Big Pharma’s corruption end.

  9. Fortunately, there is a small coterie of people who are able to overlook the overwhelming scientific evidence which runs counter to their beliefs, and scream the truth.

  10. The CDC claims on its website that “vaccines do not cause Autism.” They then lead the reader to a link of a 2011 IOM report which states that there is not enough evidence to prove or disprove a link between the Dtap and autism. This one statement from the IOM does not exonerated vaccines from causing autism, it doesn’t even exonerate the dtap! All it states is they don’t have enough evidence. The CDC isn’t doing the studies so they can make blatantly false statements such as this. They count on parents not going to the IOM study to see the truth! The parents who are reading the studies are raising the alarm! The science is purposefully not being done. The claim is that it would be unethical to do the study because it would leave some kids unprotected. It would be simple to do a retrospective study using unvaccinated children whose parents have chosen this path for their children, but they won’t do the study. Ask yourself why?? It would be so easy to put this issue to bed if they did. They know what the study would show.
    Dr. Paul Thomas of Portland, Oregon has done just this type of study with the kids in his practice. It included over 3,300 kids. It found that partially vaccinated kids in his practice had an autism rate of 1/440, unvaccinated kids a rate of autism of 1/715. The current autism rate for kids being vaccinated according to the current CDC schedule about 1/40 depending on data from different states. Clearly this is a signal!! One parents have been seeing for decades. Autism rates double every 3 to 4 years! Where is the outrage? The declaration of an emergency?? Crickets. Time to ask harder questions and be ready to accept the answers

  11. This entire article is ridiculous. By advocating for vaccine choice, you are actively encouraging death. Children die from the measles, from the chicken pox, from the flu. Don’t act like this isn’t coming from a place of misinformation.

    Also, it isn’t the parent’s choice. Because it doesn’t just affect you, and it doesn’t just affect your child. It affects EVERY SINGLE PERSON your child or you come into contact with. Your rights end where others’ begin. I have the right to own a knife. I do not have the right to stab someone. You have the right to lie and claim religious exemption, but you don’t have the right to infect others. Agree to quarantine yourself, and never leave your home if you’re unvaxxed by choice, or vaccinate. There is no option 3.

  12. Wow, Ms. Ford has a tremendous problem with facts—exactly demonstrating Mr. Caplan and Ms. Reiss’s points!

    Here is a brief list of obvious things Ms. Ford got wrong in her opinion piece.

    1. The definitions of immunize and vaccinate
    2. Infections with many pathogens do NOT confer life-long immunity
    3. Many vaccines do confer life-long immunity
    4. Exposure to pathogens is often huge
    5. Vaccines do NOT contain any toxins
    6. The purposes of the ingredients in vaccines
    7. The world-wide experience of health insurance companies/systems is that vaccines save money
    8. All US families can sue vaccine manufacturers
    9. US Civil courts have detailed how the anti-vaccs fabricate vaccine reactions
    10. It is the vaccine manufacturers that pay the excise tax for the compensation fund
    11. $4.2 Billion has NOT been paid for vaccine reactions
    12. The vaccine court has NEVER paid for autism
    13. The OAP detailed the complete ethical misconduct and scientific incompetency of the anti-vaccs
    14. The OAP detailed how the anti-vaccs fabricate vaccine reactions
    15. SV40 causes cancer, under certain artificial conditions, in hamsters—NOT humans
    16. SV40 has NOT been found in human cancers

    In summary, you engage in egregious ad hominem attacks on the scientific/legal/ethical communities because you are unable to get the most basic facts correct…much less articulate a rational, ethical, or scientifically valid position.

    The only moral thing you can do is to retract you opinion piece and apologize for your errors.


  13. Perhaps some of the readers on this site are familiar with the recently published Danish study which evaluated MMR vaccinations and the development of autism, in a population of over 650,000 youths. It conclusively (as much as anything can) demonstrated that the incidence of autism was LOWER in the population that received the MMR compared to a non-vaccinated population.

    Andrew Wakefield, through his poor science, and greed in receiving money from the litigation system, has done a significant amount of damage to society and the public health system.

    Do some children have a bad result from vaccinations? Temporally, certainly, causally, not always so clear as anti-vaccination proponents would have you believe. There is no simple answer, and if not vaccinating your children had no consequences beyond the health of the kids involved, that would be one thing, but infections can spread to others who may, or may not, have had the opportunity to be vaccinated.

    You don’t need seat belts…..until you do. Have some people been hurt who might not have been if they hadn’t used seat belts? Undoubtedly. Anyone advocating against seat belts?

  14. Cassidy,
    Have you had your titers checked recently? Are you up to date will all 72 doses of 16 vaccines that are required for today’s kids?? If you were born before 1988 chances are you are not. That means that you are a risk too! But you are not quarantining yourself are you? You are just walking around being hypocritically pushing your authoritarian agenda on everyone else. Not one vaccine on the infant schedule has been tested against an actual inert placebo! Not one! There is no way to establish a safety profile for a pharmaceutical product without doing these types of studies. We have exchanged short term acute illness for a lifetime of autoimmune disease! 54% of American children have An autoimmune disease.
    What “anti vaxxers” (this is a pejorative term used to belittle anyone asking legitimate questions about liability free pharmaceutical products, in order to end an further debate btw) are asking for is actual safety science be done! That people be allowed informed consent, free debate and the right to say no.

  15. Thank you Michelle for spelling this out so clearly. Our medical industry has gone rogue . The WHO has lost its moral compass and is no longer focused on health but rather on selling pHarmaceutical products. I wish every newspaper in the country published this essay from Ms. Ford. And thank you to the Arizona Capital Times for still allowing free speech in America. It is becoming as rare as honest science or ethical doctors.

  16. Cassidy: Presuming you’re vaccinated, what would be your concern about coming in contact with an unvaccinated person? If you’re not vaccinated for health reasons, then you have far greater issues to be concerned about — there are hundreds of bacteria and viruses floating around for which there is no vaccine and you must separate yourself from public places for your own benefit. It is incumbent to you to protect yourself. It is incumbent upon you, if you are sick, to stay home to protect others. But it is not your job, nor will it ever be, to take one for the team. What parent doesn’t protect their own children first? Would you do any less?

    Which brings us the to subject of relative risk: Most people who support mandatory vaccination do so because they believe the risk from diseases for which there are vaccines is far greater than the risk from vaccines themselves. The confine themselves to reading articles in the mainstream media that support this narrative, ignoring the huge conflicts of interests present. Most people I’ve met supporting mandates have never read a scientific study from start to finish in their lives. If they did, they might begin to realize that the narrative they’ve been presented with is not nearly the whole picture.

    Science is a process, not a destination. One only need look back throughout medical and scientific history to realize that our knowledge is constantly evolving. There are an increasing number of scientific studies and documentation raising a very, very large red flag. There are an increasing number of parents with sick children raising a very, very large red flag. Willful ignorance can be a beautiful thing, because no one wants to think they may have done something that could have harmed their children.

    Read the studies, do your research, and then see if any of the studies and information presented by people who believe differently from you have any merit. Children can die from diseases — and they can die from vaccines. To pretend otherwise is misinformation.

    Until you know the contributing factors in each, there’s not much discussion to be had. Measles in an impoverished environment is very different than in a very well nourished environment. 300 children die every year while properly secured in car seats. Yet we drive with our children all the time. There is risk everywhere, and what most parents do is weigh the dangers. If you’ve only explored the issue from one side, that’s on you and it is not the responsibility of other people to base their actions on your lack of information.

  17. Quote from above: >>>I am also disappointed in the author for continuing to peddle the old and now disproven link between vaccines and autism. The original study making the link has many times over been disproved and has since been retracted. It is for that reason alone that the vaccine injury fund she refers to has stopped funding autism cases.<<<

    It's very apparent when someone brings up something like this that they've never read the study themselves. The conclusion of the study being referenced above was that they could not prove a link but thought it deserved further study. There have since been 20+ studies finding an association between bowel issues and the vaccine they studied. And many, many other studies connecting the dots. In fact, one only needs look on the CDC, NIH and PubMed websites, as well as the package inserts to find that the connections are very clearly stated.

    But then you'd actually have to read some studies for yourself instead of parroting what you've heard elsewhere, and who wants to do that?

  18. Thank you Ms. Ford. This e

  19. This opinion is spot on. So true. My son Sam was injured by his MMR. How could I be antivax if I was vaccinating? The vaccine injury Court cases are not conspiracy they are proof that vaccines can kill and cause. Common sense commentator if romaine lettuce is causing you to get sick how crazy/nazie is it for the government to mandate you to eat lettuce?

  20. Thank you Michelle for this wonderful piece. I would like to address just some of the falsehoods promulgated by Al Nerdinski’s comment, which are easily dismissed. 1) SV40 has been found in human cancers.- 2) The Court of Federal Claims has paid compensation for cases of autism.- 3) The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Plan has awarded over $4 Billion Dollars for compensable injuries.- I could continue to refute every one of his talking points but a sampling of his errors is sufficient.

  21. Great article! Thank you so much!

  22. If vaccination is as great as its proponents say it is, then they should not worry about anyone who does not get vaccinated.

  23. A concerned citizen

    Regardless of the studies for or against vaccine-related autism, the “injury speaks for itself”. Res ipsa loquitur, the legal doctrine for when you cannot prove causation, shows it is enough that the injury occurred after the event. Thousands of people are getting injured or killed after taking vaccinations (see the CDC data). Why can’t we just make safer vaccines? Then we can skip this whole argument. We have the technology and the science to make them safer. We can also look to other holistic ways of treating the diseases we fear. Many of the traditional medicines have effective treatments to prevent and treat, and people should be allowed to choose them. Vaccines are not wholly effective, and given the potential for harm, let’s look at all of the alternatives. After all, opioids and antibiotics can be overused and harmful. Perhaps vaccines should be similarly viewed.

  24. Well Done! You hit all the bases. Four children with special needs and vaccine injured. Most severe is 24, diapers, non-verbal and functionally 2 yrs. Have tissue analysis on our son one year AFTER stopping vax at 15 mos showing sky-high Aluminum in his brain. Later Chelation on two children showed many other toxins and myelin sheath damage in the brain. Vaccines Equal POISON.


  25. So all of you who believe in junk science, you put your children at risk of severe deformities and death because of your selfishness. “I believed in junk science and didn’t have my kids vaccinated. They came down with Polio and now are severely crippled for life, but hey, they are not autistic!” Yyyeeeeeaaahhhhh. At least the anti vaxxers have that fact doing for them.

  26. Goodness! Junk science? You want to get scared read the vaccine insert for those Rare side effects associated with vaccines: brain damage, seizures, GBS, etc. It’s only rare when it doesn’t happen to you. Once you see it happen to a family member, believe me you will stay clear of vaccines.
    U S. Vaccine injury cases based on junk science, I really don’t think so.

  27. A key point the author is making is that like many drugs/foods/etc. we know some people react differently than other people thanks to genetics or other factors we don’t understand but should and do try to. She’s saying where there’s smoke there’s fire and the people who have had reactions are the canaries in the coal mine which should motivate action to improve what is clearly a desirable product if it works safely. There are many medicines which a Dr will not prescribe if you are of certain racial descent for example. Blood tests as simple as GFR will have different results based on genetic knowledge (ethnicity). With the mapping of the human genome we’ve started to learn vast amounts of correlative knowledge with the help of efforts like 23andMe. Yet nowhere is anyone suggesting we look at the affected individuals of vaccine (even the rare few who are lucky enough to be heard and perhaps gain compensation in the vaccine injury court) and start to try to find common elements, markers, etc. between them to better understand what could be related and perhaps used as a tool to avoid additional injury, more payments in court, etc. Instead, we see the opposite where a significant amount of credible research, reports, and many thousands of experiences are immediately ridiculed and rejected. I think if the number of world-wide reports, correlating doctor experiences, and research was happening for any other drug, we would have seen action by now. In 2011 Justice Sotomayor predicted this “vacuum” which the Supreme Court ruling created when they upheld the premise of vaccines being legally “unavoidably unsafe” which they deemed, unlike so many other products which are unavoidably unsafe, should remove vaccine manufacturers from liability. You can read her excellent explanation here starting on pg 29 and searching for “unavoidably unsafe” will allow you to jump to the key points, as well as the important conclusion statement:

  28. Rare is rare, if it occurs below a certain frequency. Like most things, it is all or none. One might argue that 1 in 100, or 1000, or 10,000, or 100,000. There is nothing, including placebo or homeopathic treatment without side effects. An individual, and society, makes a determination regarding how much risk is acceptable. Years ago, chloramphenicol was banned due to a side effect estimated to occur once in 100,000 doses. There may be adverse effects from vaccinations, whether 2.6%, or 1 in 10,000, but society has determined, based on the best available science, that vaccination may be required in some circumstances, like seat belts or car seats.

  29. Thank you Walter K! Spot on A+! A one size CDC vaccine schedule does not fit all infants/children.

  30. A reader quoted the latest Danish study that purports to claim proof that the MMR vaccine does not cause autism: This study is full of holes:
    It’s a highly biased study paid for by Novo Nordisk Foundation that is almost fully funded by the pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk via Novo Nordisk Holding company… and their MoH that would have put their name on the study (probably with backhanders that make it essentially cost neutral to them). This is a conflict of interest. This company is also involved in criminal charges.
    Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Novo Nordisk Inc. will pay $58.65 million to resolve allegations that the company failed to comply with the FDA-mandated Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) for its Type II diabetes medication Victoza. You do not allow a tobacco company to fund its own study. Studies have shown that scientists funded by companies wanting a certain outcome are more likely to publish favourable outcomes. Comparing children who have had all their vaccines with those who have all other vaccines excluding one is like a tobacco company looking for lung disease in people who smoke 30 cigarettes a day compared to 35. We need a vaccinated/unvaccinated study.

    The lead author, Anders Hviid was the second author on the New England Journal of Medicine MMR autism paper from 2002 (Madsen et al. 2002). This research was completed despite the fact that the study authors had never received proper ethics approval to complete the study. A detailed analysis of this is featured by Children’s Health Defense.

    They exclude all the “unhealthy” children – 337 that also had autism related conditions.
    Many of the children in the sample were too young for an autism diagnosis:

    Failure to eliminate those with autism related to genetic conditions from the sample:

    Use of two (2) different MMR vaccines:

    They use the old trick of claiming “unvaccinated” for children that had other vaccines but not the MMR, as well as those that didn’t remain vaccinated on schedule.

    The study groups “under vaccinated” from those totally unvaccinated.

    Danes probably have a lower autism rate than the U.S. because they do not give the Hepatitis B vaccine at birth. In fact, no kids in this study received that vaccine at all! The Chinese recently showed Hep B vaccine causes brain damage in mice. The Danes also do not give Rotavirus vaccine or flu vaccine, the much lower vaccination requirement of Danish children versus American children is NOT mentioned anywhere in the study.

  31. Hello Jeff,

    Thank you for the comments.

    It is wonderful that you exactly demonstrated my point!
    The anti-vaccs get basically every single thing wrong!

    1. SV40
    First, you didn’t understand your link—they didn’t even try and detect SV40 virus.

    Secondly, your link is wrong, their methods don’t work, they are just reporting false-positives (source: A Multicenter Evaluation of Assays for Detection of SV40 DNA and Results in Masked Mesothelioma Specimens)

    2. The Court of Federal Claims has paid compensation for cases of autism

    You didn’t read your own link correctly!

    “The government has never compensated, nor has it ever been ordered to compensate, any case based on a determination that autism was actual caused by vaccines.”

    If your link is just too difficult for you to understand, you can read as many of the decisions as you want…and see that the court has never paid compensation for autism.

    3. National Vaccine Injury Compensation Plan has awarded over $4 Billion Dollars for compensable injuries

    You didn’t read your own link correctly! As the rules make very, very clear, they routinely compensate without any vaccine injury.

    So…do you have anything….anything at all rational to offer?


  32. Hello Goldy,

    You are just repeating anti-vacc nonsense.

    You got the ethics, basic science, and the meaning of words incorrect.

    If you bother to fact-check, you will see that the world rejects the assertions you posted because they simply are not true.


  33. Hello Robert,

    Could you please post the references to a few of the independent studies that support Wakefield’s claims?


  34. Hello Parent,

    You object to the term anti-vacc…and yet….

    1. placebos are not inert
    2. placebos are correctly used in vaccine trials
    3. placebos are part of measuring efficacy
    4. 54% of kids do NOT have autoimmune diseases
    5. all US families can sue vaccine manufacturers

    When decade after decade the basic facts are misrepresented over and over…it is only natural that terms like anti-vacc will be used.


  35. @ Gerardo: Yes, junk science. There is a risk with everything and I am not SELFISH enough to risk the life of my child just because of a rare reaction to a vaccine. The risk of DEATH outways all risks that vaccinations have. In fact, not vaccinating should be considered child abuse and endangerment and if the parents selfishness causes the avoidable death of a child who can not get vaccinated due to health problems like a suppressed immune system the anti vaxxer parents should be charged with murder. The idiocy on this forum about not vaccinating is mindblowing.

  36. Oh and Gerardo, I don’t scare easily. I’ve read these so called rare side affects and fully understand that the diseases are 100 time worse. Heck, vitamins can also have rare horrible side affects too as well as my thyroid medication but again, the disease is worse and so I take my meds. Please, get an education and stop believing in the junk science.

  37. @ Bosco: Not worry about those who do not get vaccinated? WOW, are you telling that to parents whose baby is too young to get vaccinated? Or are you telling it to the parents whose children have suppressed immune system and CAN’T get vaccinated? SHAME ON YOU FOR RISKING OTHER CHILDREN’S LIVES BECAUSE OF YOUR BELIEFS IN JUNK SCIENCE!!!!

  38. It’s unfortunate that these kinds of posts get so much traction feeding the fears of parents. There’s so much here that is blatant misinformation and mischaracterization of the facts. For example, the aborted fetuses issue is better explained here: Unfortunately, these further other inaccurate claims I see in the reply posts below- things like there’s only 1 study that shows no link between autism and vaccines and it’s only on dtap. This couldn’t be farther from the truth and is testament to what happens when non scientists try to interpret the data for themselves with Google searching instead of proper scientific literature searches. There are dozens.

  39. This was an AMAZING piece, thank you!

  40. Well, no one is going to be convinced by the arguments posted here. If you don’t believe the Danish study, and want to believe anecdotal information, well, there you are. Science is the best way we have of determining relationships between two independent variables, and studying them. The plural of anecdote is not data. The Vaccine reporting program was established to reduce the possibility of vaccine manufacturers going bankrupt (and not manufacturing any vaccines, or, possibly, other medications) and was a way to control risk. Are there side effects from vaccines, from medications, from any intervention? Absolutely. Do some kids have autism from factors that are, as yet, undetermined? Absolutely. Vaccinations are common in the US, as is autism. Are vaccinated kids at higher risk of autism? Probably, but the factors that lead to kids not being vaccinated (eg. poverty, minority status, homeschooling, belief systems, etc.) may make them a different population. Wakefield was discredited, and sanctioned, and lost his license not because he “crossed the Big Pharma/Big Government coalition” but because he lied, falsified data, and was getting money from litigators who wanted his conclusions to be true so they could win lawsuits.

    We are living in times where science is increasingly suspect, tarred with the same brush as “fake news”, but folks, the Internet, Facebook, websites pushing a particular bias, are not sources to be trusted.

  41. I would like to add my thanks and bravo for this well written and articulate article. It grieves me deeply how much the corrupt pharmaceutical companies and our government have misled and lied to people and all for greed. That is obvious in the vitriolic nature of the conversations about the pros and cons of vaccines. The bottom line is that it is MY business what is injected into my body or that of my children.

  42. Thank you! Years of predjudice I have had. My son was born prematurely. Autoimmune disorders run in my family and frankly, vaccines just never made any sense to me. I opted out, until he was 6 and possibly exposed to tetanus causing bacterial. He recieved the DTap vaccine. Causal or not, he developed type 1 diabetes at age 16. No one in my families written history, has anyone had type 1 before age 50. I have severe scoliosis and my sister arthritis, all in our teens. I severely question such quackery, honestly, in an sge where we can treat diseases better and holistic medicine is as easy as a smart phone and a trip to Whole Foods. Fertility assistance can also give rise to more genetic frailty, par for the course. I just dont think we should ever treat all people same when it comes to health. Mandatory immunizations is beginning to look like NAZI Germany. Kindof like the nurse at the CVS whom I asked to check my sons blood sugar when I suspected type 1. He was having trouble breathing. She made us wait outside while she conferenced her supervisor. I was crying when she refused the test in leiu of paperwork first. His sugar was 500 something…she humiliated my in front of paramedics, never giving me ambulance option at first, a ride of 40 minutes to the city and supervisor called me later to confirm it was actually type 1. I slso had a creepy social worker harass me at hospital, Childrens in Boston. It was ungodly. This wasnt my first terrible experience either. If vaccines work so effing well, why care about those who choose to let the body be natural? If they really cared aboit kids well being, they wouldnt be so hostile to them otherwise. Thank you again.

  43. As a supporter of medical freedom and body autonomy I think it’s important to know what is in a vaccine. We should have the right to that knowledge so we can do our own research on each of the ingredients and make decisions based on that research. Then if you want to vaccinate you should have that right and if you don’t you should also have that right. If the manufacturers are not liable that means each of us are 100% liable if death or an injury occurs to us or a family member. Because of that alone we should have the right to say, the risk of injury from this vaccine is too high for me to take or the risk of this disease is too high for me to take and so we will vaccinate. Every person should have the right to body autonomy and be able to make a fully informed decision based on fact and research. I’d also like to know why the study hasn’t been done (or if it’s been done, why it hasn’t been released) on comparing the health outcomes of those vaccinated versus un-vaccinated. The CDC claims it would be unethical to not give vaccines to a group of people but some parents have chosen not to give them and we have those children’s medical records (thousands of them). All we’d have to do is compare them to the vaccinated children’s medical records and release the findings. Which group has more autism, asthma, lupus, neurological disorders, diabetes, obesity? It would end the debate once and for all. Why do people feel the need to force others to inject something into their body or the body of their children? If the vaccines work you are protected against the “disease” you think the un-vaccinated are going to spread, right? (and just an FYI you can’t spread a disease you don’t have)

  44. Defend_our_Constitution

    “The liberties protected by the Constitution are not fair-weather freedoms–in place when times are good but able to be cast aside in times of trouble…The Constitution cannot accept the concept of a ‘new normal’ where the basic liberties of people can be subordinated to open-ended emergency mitigation measures. Rather, the Constitution sets certain lines that may not be crossed, even in an emergency.” County of Butler v Thomas W. Wolfe (9/14/20 Pennsylvania US District Court ruling).

  45. My son got autism from vaccines at 1 years old. SHAME ON YOU PARENTS for saying that the “small” risk is worth it to vaccinate your kids. Go straight to hell and rot. Until the day comes when you have to care for your child with autism and watch daily how the government stole milestones, his voice ( as he’s non verbal) his ability to do everyday normal things, etc…the list goes on and on. To be honest F*** YOU!!!! Vaccines were created for MONEY!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!

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