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prison, wrongful death, Department of Corrections, inmate, suicide, lawsuit
Sep 19, 2023

‘Tentative’ settlement in wrongful death lawsuit over man’s death in prison reached

Current and former Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation & Reentry heads and prison health care provider Centurion reached a “tentative” settlement in a wrongful death suit involving claims of inadequate mental health care.  

clean energy jobs, solar, Clean Jobs America report
Sep 15, 2023

Arizona added 2,374 clean-energy jobs in 2022, near pre-pandemic levels

Arizona added more than 2,300 clean-energy industry jobs last year, falling just shy of the state’s pre-pandemic employment levels but matching the nation for job growth in the sector, a new report said.

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Aug 10, 2023

Limit insurer profits to improve health care 

Where is all our health care spending going if we’re not getting the best health care outcomes, despite spending the most on health care of any nation on Earth? A sizable chunk is going into the coffers of America’s private health insurers.

Medicaid scam, Mayes, Nygren
Aug 9, 2023

Thousands helped, thousands more may still be in need after Medicaid scams

A state hotline has helped thousands of victims in the two months since state officials uncovered a string of fraudulent Medicaid-funded addiction care facilities in Arizona, but the exact scale of the problem is still unknown.

young voters, Arizona, issues, Arizona State University, Diane Brown
Jul 27, 2023

Survey: Young Arizona voters more engaged, informed than earlier generations

Arizona’s young voters, ages 18 to 29, may have been the state’s most engaged youth electorate group ever, driven in 2022 by concerns about cost of living and reproductive rights.

abortion, Arizona, Roe v. Wade, Supreme Court
Jul 24, 2023

First legislative sessions after Roe produce patchwork of abortion laws

A year after the U.S. Supreme Court returned regulation of abortion to the states, the first full legislative sessions post-Roe v. Wade produced a lot of confusion and little agreement, with more extreme measures going so far as to propose criminalizing pregnant people – once unthinkable on all sides of the debate.

Jul 5, 2023

Arizona Health Services: most pregnancy-related deaths preventable

Nearly half of Arizona’s pregnancy related deaths in 2022 were tied to mental health or substance use disorders, with 98% deemed preventable, according to the Arizona Department of Health Services. And communities of color and rural communities see disparate effects and a lack of perinatal care.

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May 8, 2023

$150 million for housing, half a billion for education in budget proposal

A new budget proposal emerged today that delivers a child tax rebate, major spending on housing and education, and a reshuffling of money destined for water projects. 

Hobbs, prison commission
May 5, 2023

Prison panel to focus on 4 key areas

Gov. Katie Hobbs’ prison oversight commission will split into four working groups to develop proposals by the end of the year, advisers said at the newly created commission’s first meeting last week.  

Medicaid, health care, Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System, seniors
May 2, 2023

Medicaid is lifeline for Arizona’s seniors and veterans

When you think of health care for seniors, you probably think of Medicare, but Medicaid is also vital to providing the care that older Arizonans in our community rely on. It helps cover high medical costs for those who have limited income and resources, as well as those living in nursing homes and relying on long-term care.

Covid, text, rural health, University of Arizona
Apr 11, 2023

Text ‘join’ to get Covid, health updates in rural Arizona

Text messages updating rural residents about Covid are now being expanded to other health issues to text people who have less access to health care, including people of color, migrants and those who are immunocompromised.

Medicaid, health care, Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System, seniors
Apr 6, 2023

State begins to shed thousands from Medicaid, push them to other care

Arizona started purging people from the pandemic-inflated Medicaid rolls this month, a process that could end up pushing more than 600,000 people off the plan, health officials and advocates said.