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Years in Legislature, City Council prepared me for bench


To some, the Justice Court system in Maricopa County can seem complex and a bit daunting. In reality, I have found the “people’s court” to be a friendly, easy-to-use system for everything from small claims to civil suits (up to $10,000) to the serving of eviction notices. While none of these are pleasant for those involved, the Justice Courts can usually provide a clear path to resolution.

When I chose to campaign for the position of Justice of the Peace (JP), I believed that my background as a State Senator and Mayor would provide great insight into the many cases that would come before me. Throughout my elected career I have always worked to find positive solutions to the

Jay Tibshraeny

Jay Tibshraeny

many challenges faced by my constituents, and the Justice Court provided another opportunity to serve. I was sworn in in January of this year and went through a strenuous training program to understand the detailed intricacies of the court and its operations.

During my time as a legislator, mayor and city councilmember, I dealt with dozens – if not hundreds — of issues that have involved zoning cases, code enforcement, legislation and other matters with a direct effect on the residents of Chandler and the state. This experience helped me develop the decision-making skills I need to resolve conflicts that come before me in court.

I cannot do this without the staff of the Justice Court I preside over: San Marcos. They are true professionals who are very compassionate and caring. They have made my job much more manageable — particularly in my first few months on the bench.

Much of what comes before the court deals with difficult moments in people’s lives. There is one aspect, however, that brings great joy as a JP: I have the ability to perform wedding ceremonies.

We can also issue marriage licenses at the court. Weddings through a JP are certainly affordable and the perfect choice for those who may not want to have a large wedding. I have had the pleasure of performing many ceremonies as JP. It is quite an experience to see the joy on the faces of the couple, family and friends as they begin a new journey.

If you ever need the services of the Justice Court, you will find a professional and supportive staff and JP who will make the experience as comfortable as possible. It is a great privilege to serve in my new capacity, and I do enjoy continuing to represent you.

Judge Jay Tibshraeny is the Justice of the Peace at San Marcos Court. He is a former seven-term mayor of the City of Chandler, and a four-term Arizona senator.

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