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Health care systems committed to keeping Arizona healthy


Our hospitals and health care professionals have served the people of Arizona in the most critical times.

From your most joyful to your most frightening moments, our health systems have been with you, the people of Arizona, on your journey.  We, the CEO’s who represent those health systems, believe outstanding, reliable health care is an essential part of the infrastructure of the great state of Arizona. Stewarding this great resource takes years of experience and a high level of expertise.

As the four largest health care providers and some of the largest employers in the state, we are committed to keeping Arizona healthy and prosperous. And that means providing more than just outstanding health care. It means investing in a healthy economy, identifying innovative research discoveries, and educating future medical professionals.

From left: Peter Fine, Frank Molinaro, Linda Hunt, Todd LaPorte

From left: Peter Fine, Frank Molinaro, Linda Hunt, Todd LaPorte

In order to communicate our progress and our continued commitment to the state’s physical and economic health, we have collaborated to launch “Keeping Arizona Healthy.” We want you, our patients, friends and colleagues, to know that we are here for you – providing the best, most affordable health care possible.

Just like roads, utilities, or access to water, quality health care is another example of the critical infrastructure that makes Arizona a great place to live.  With a combined employment of over 76,000 people, our health systems deliver some of the most comprehensive, highest quality health care in the entire United States, while simultaneously providing high paying jobs within the state.

Case in point, seven of Arizona’s hospitals have received national recognition, or “Magnet Status,” for their excellent nursing practices and more than 15 hospitals are ranked as Best Regional Hospitals by U.S. News & World Report. With award winning research hospitals and cutting-edge investment in innovation, Arizona hospitals have become globally known for the quality of care they provide and the talent they have been able to recruit and retain to meet the needs of the fastest growing population in the country.

We have also launched partnerships with universities and community colleges throughout the state and invested in our vocational and technical schools to meet the continuous demand for doctors, nurses, medical technicians and the myriad of other health care workers that provide care to the millions of Arizonans we serve every year.

But our work doesn’t stop at just growing our medical facilities and providing some of the best care in the United States.  As a whole, health systems in Arizona provided more than $200 million dollars of charitable care statewide on an annual basis and over $940 million dollars in charitable investments to support a healthier and more prosperous Arizona.

“Keeping Arizona Healthy” will help us share these stories and discuss the importance of health care when it comes to our quality of life, our economy and our long-term growth.

Thank you for your trust, your partnership, and willingness to work with us to ensure the long-term health and economic prosperity of our state.  We look forward to providing reliable care at your most critical times of need. Learn more at

Peter Fine of Banner Health, Linda Hunt of Dignity Health, Todd LaPorte of HonorHealth, and Frank Molinaro of Abrazo Health represent the interests of Health Systems Alliance of Arizona, an advocacy organization representing the interests of integrated health systems across the state.

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