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Cut out politics, make public health priority

Dear Editor:

Sadly, Arizona schools will not be able to open on time due to the spreading pandemic. Once again, over a million Arizona students will be short changed.  Are you aware, approximately 30% of Arizona’s youth do not have access to internet or Wi Fi capabilities?

A good education is the only tool to succeeding in the future.  By postponing the opening of schools, students not only lose out being in an educational environment but they lose out interacting with classmates, which is an integral part of their learning process.  It is unfortunate that SELFISH men and women have helped to create this horrific situation. Government leaders have voted against many bills to improve Arizona’s educational system. Now, they have refused to take the advice of doctors and scientists who, from the beginning, recommended continuous washing of hands, wearing masks, sheltering in place, and not gathering in large groups.  The results from ignoring scientific warnings is a metastasizing virus. When will ignorance give way to the educated?   Cut out the politics and make the health and safety of your family, friends, and neighbors your number one priority.

Joanie Rose


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  1. Laugh out loud, Joan or Joanie. Do you have nothing better to do than write letters to the editor???? I cannot imagine who is spoon feeding you this nonsense, but please turn it off.

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