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French smart, compassionate, deserves a look

Dear Editor,

I’ve read in this paper that Republicans in Legislative District 6 are distraught over the primary victory of Wendy Rogers, their party’s candidate for State Senate. They say they’ll have trouble supporting her and question her integrity. Can I make a suggestion? Please look closely at who Ret. Colonel Felicia French is and what her values are. Of course her website only gives limited insight into the person she is. Colonel French was a Republican until she felt the party “left her” and the values she holds dear. I have known Colonel French for several years. She’s an honest, sincere Patriot and will give every ounce of her strength to improving the lives of LD6 residents. And if you want to chat with her, she’s always willing to have constructive conversations. Our district would be fortunate to be represented by such a smart, compassionate person. I urge my Republican and independent neighbors to look beyond party affiliation and instead vote based on the caliber of the person they’re electing.


Ellen Ferreira



  1. Felicia French is exactly the person to lead LD-6 for AZ Senate. She is a Country before party patriot. She will bring best practices to solve the challenges and represent ALL the citizens of LD-6.

    Marie Wenzel
    Resident, LD-6

  2. Felicia French has the qualifications, experience, and commitment to lead LD6 during this challenging time.

    She will represent ALL Arizonans, regardless of party affiliation. She is fair-minded and rational, and she genuinely cares about people. She is running for the State Senate to help others–not for personal gain or ambition.

    Karyn Riedell

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