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New bill signals progress for Arizona dialysis care


As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, most of our lawmakers are rightfully doing everything they can to get the situation under control and protect vulnerable Arizonans.

As they do so, I hope they give patients with kidney disease the attention they need. Kidney patients are particularly high-risk, and frequently also suffer from other health complications. However, their care is often hindered by a lack of coordination among all of their various doctors. Thankfully, Arizona’s elected officials have a track record of working to protect kidney patients.

U.S. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema in particular has been a leader on this issue. In 2016, during her time in the House of Representatives, she joined nearly 200 other representatives as a cosponsor of the bipartisan Dialysis PATIENTS Demonstration Act, which would have helped to make coordinated care available to more dialysis patients.

That bill did not pass, but lawmakers may have another opportunity to help dialysis patients soon. The BETTER Kidney Care Act is a new bill in the works that would expand care coordination services for dialysis patients while also offering some other important benefits that they need.

I trust Sinema will once again prove to be a leader on this issue, this time in the Senate. The BETTER Kidney Care Act would mark a major milestone for kidney care in the United States, and Sinema and Arizona’s members of Congress can demonstrate their dedication to keeping patients safe by helping to pass this bill.

Cody Huot

A resident in the Sixth Congressional District

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