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Fann acting like a child

Dear Editor:  

I’m frustrated and upset that Arizona Senate President Karen Fann continues to fuel false information and ignore that facts regarding the integrity of the November 2020 election. No abnormalities were found in either the hand or forensic audits. The certification of votes was verified by a Republican governor and other Republican officials who confirmed the votes were accurately counted and the 2020 elections results were fraud free, secure, and fair.  

Senator Fann quickly forgot that a majority of down line Republican candidates on the same ballot were winners in Maricopa County in 2020. It is baffling that this leader is like a small child who didn’t get her way, so she had a complete meltdown that has affected millions of voters. Her recount ploy is very dangerous for future elections. She is saying that if your party doesn’t win, do anything legal or not to reverse the outcome. Are Arizona voters really in step with this trend?  It has been said many times during this fiasco, there may be no democracy in the next election.  Watch out! 


 Joanie Rose 



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  1. What a total shame and and an attack on our democracy. Can you imagine the upheaval by the Repub’s if this were Democrats or Independents? A “legit” audit by an unexperienced group lead by conspiracist using UV lights and an undisclosed lab in Montana? Yeah, right!! God help us end the Trump authoritarian madness!!

  2. There was no forensic audit of the November 2020 election. It is false narrative like this that causes the damage, not Ms Fann. Americas Audit is the only forensic audit our country has ever had, shame on 49 states for not proving our elections have integrity like we are.

  3. She is just pleasing trump, hoping to get a recognition from her Republican cronies.

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