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Certain facts bear repeating over and over

Dear Editor:

The calendar year for the Legislature is over except for an ongoing audit that perpetuates fear mongering, misinformation, and blatant accusations that cannot be proven. This beautiful state makes national news for all the wrong reasons. It is a travesty that people continue to believe this farce that has no merit, substance, or truth. The individuals who wish to destroy a fair and certified election have no respect, conscious, or moral compass for the office they swore to uphold.

This audit is like a metastasize cancer; there is no good ending. Unlike a growing tumor, this sickness can and should be stopped. Sadly, voter suppression in Arizona is alive and well to the chagrin of those who treasure their right to vote. Why not put the people of Arizona first and stop harming our treasured democracy?  Millions of dollars have been wasted on the obsession to reverse the 2020 election results.  Arizona is suffering irrefutable damage because of the BIG LIE.

Joanie Rose



One comment

  1. Pushers of “The Big Lie” and Arizona’s pseudo-audit are all for democracy and patriotic as all get-out until voters don’t give them what they want. Then they become victims with a capital V and claim justification to lie, cheat and steal at voter expense to get their way. C’mon, whiners, let’s see you propose some realistic alternatives to policies and programs you don’t like. Conservatives would so love to see productive options. Maybe then you would win elections.

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