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Pro-life politicians aren’t for life after birth

Dear Editor:

With all due respect to those with strong opinions, please take a minute to read another belief based on research and fact.

Pro-life has many interpretations. New laws across the United States are causing havoc, fear, and anger. Many are convinced that life begins at conception while just as many, if not more, believe life begins at birth. Unfortunately, politics has taken over a decision that should ONLY be made by the pregnant mother, attending physician, and the spiritual leader of the mother to be.

Today’s legislators tend to be pro-life ONLY before the child comes into the world. You ask, how can that be? Elected officials quickly forget what it takes to sustain a life. These men and women have voted NO or have given a BIG THUMBS DOWN to legislation providing everyone good health care, improving education so all children have the best learning experience, have turned a blind eye to climate change and environmental challenges, and today many of these pro-life proponents say NO to the lifesaving Covid vaccine or wearing a mask to prevent the spread of the virus. Not very pro-life is it? The hypocrisy is running rampant with the loudest voices getting heard.

Joanie Rose


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