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Facts to save lives

Dear Editor:  

A doctor and teacher of medicine is advising the Covid vaccine helps in blunting clinical illness. 

While those who have had the shots could still get the virus, the statistics show it will be a mild rather than a deadly case. Remember, even the lifesaving polio vaccine was not 100% fool proof, but it stopped an epidemic and saved millions of lives worldwide.  Trust only those doctors and scientists who have spent their entire professional life studying a Covid type virus and other infectious diseases.  These scientific experts from prominent institutions should be your only source to follow when deciding whether to get the vaccine. 

Don’t be fooled by very persuasive media outlets. It could cost you or your loved one their life. 

Those who have been studying this deadly virus feel that wearing a mask is a protection not only for you but for family, friends, and even strangers. Please, follow the advice of learned scholars who are immersed in finding out the facts of this disease rather than those who have an ill-informed rationale.  

If you haven’t already, consider getting the Covid vaccination today! 

Joanie Rose  



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