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This Week in Arizona Political History – February 4 to 11

Former President Theodore Roosevelt dedicated the dam named in his honor March 18, 1911 but it was completed this week in Arizona history. Photo courtesy the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.

Friday, February 4 


The Salt River Valley Water Users Association was organized. 


The expressed desire of the state of Utah to purchase the “Arizona Strip” north of the Grand Canyon set off a storm of protest in Arizona. 

Saturday, February 5 


The Vekol Mine was located by John D. Walker, Peter R. Brady and Juan Jose Gradello. During the 1990s, the Vekol produced several million dollars worth of silver. 


Charles Hayden, who established the famous Tempe flour mill and ferry, died. 


The construction of Roosevelt Dam was completed. Former President Theodore Roosevelt dedicated the dam on March 18. 

Sunday, February 6 


Henry Fountain Ashurst introduced House Bill 41, which created the Northern Arizona Normal School, now Northern Arizona University at Flagstaff.

Monday, February 7 


The city of Tucson was incorporated by legislative enactment. 

Tuesday, February 8 


Gila County was created from parts of Maricopa and Pinal counties. 


Gov. Evan Mecham was removed from office through impeachment after the state Senate convicted him of obstructing justice and misusing $80,000 in state funds allegedly funneled to his Pontiac dealership to keep it afloat. 

Wednesday, February 9 


Arizona ended school segregation and the civil rights movement kicked into high gear. 

Thursday, February 10 


The Greek camel driver, Hadji Ali, arrived in the United States with a shipload of camels destined to open the first wagon road along the 35th parallel across Arizona. 


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