Board of Education, ESAs
Mar 2, 2023

Speak out against critics, support Scottsdale schools superintendent

After attending the Feb. 21 SUSD Governing Board meeting, Superintendent Dr. Scott Menzel should take pride in the many accomplishments that were acknowledged and honored in his district. 

Feb 23, 2022

How to save democracy: Rediscover our shared history

American democracy is weak for a plethora of reasons. One cause is a loss of a shared sense of history. Nation’s survive when the populous can unite behind a shared identity, a common-understanding of who we are. Until recently we operated under the same understanding that America is a proud nation of immigrants and that […]

Feb 20, 2022

Arizona House OKs critical race theory ban in constitution

Republicans in the Arizona House approved a measure Thursday that would ask voters to amend the state constitution to ban the teaching of so-called “critical race theory” in schools and bar any preferential treatment based on race.  A ban on teaching critical race theory has become a major political talking point for Republicans nationwide. It […]

Feb 4, 2022

This Week in Arizona Political History – February 4 to 11

Friday, February 4  1903 The Salt River Valley Water Users Association was organized.  1919 The expressed desire of the state of Utah to purchase the “Arizona Strip” north of the Grand Canyon set off a storm of protest in Arizona.  Saturday, February 5  1880 The Vekol Mine was located by John D. Walker, Peter R. […]

Chris DeRose (Photo by Carmen Forman/Arizona Capitol Times)
Apr 23, 2018

Chris DeRose: Court clerk by day, historian by night

Attorney Chris DeRose stepped into a new role as clerk of the Superior Court for Maricopa County last month, the first attorney to hold the position.

Marilyn Szabo (Photo by Ben Giles/Arizona Capitol Times)
Mar 19, 2018

Marilyn Szabo: A cactus-free look at Arizona in black and white

A walk around the horseshoe-shaped second floor of the Arizona state Senate provides a glimpse of Arizona history, thanks to a gallery of 40 photos curated by Marilyn Szabo.

Jan 20, 2017

Jack August, beloved chronicler of the Southwest, dies

Dr. Jack August, historian and biographer of many prominent Arizonans, died Friday at age 63.

Jan 19, 2017

Dedication of St. Mary’s

Bishop Granjon of Tucson and most of his clergy plus a crowd of parishioners and politicians are gathered on the balcony under gray skies, probably following the dedication of St. Mary’s Church.

Jan 13, 2017

The Constitutional Convention

In the second row near the center is the unmistakable hulk and balding pate of George W.P. Hunt, the convention president and the man who would become the state’s first and longest-serving governor. Directly behind Hunt in bow tie and fedora is Morris Goldwater. In the back row second from left is future Governor Sidney P. Osborn.

Jan 5, 2017

Trinidad Swilling

Trinidad Escalantes Swilling Shumaker was born in Hermosillo, Sonora, of Spanish parents. Her father, a sea captain from Cadiz named Ignatius Escalantes, and his wife, Petra Mejia, were shipwrecked off the west coast of Mexico. They made their way to Hermosillo, where Trinidad was born in 1847. Ignatius died while Trinidad was a child, and eventually she and her mother joined a wagon train headed [...]

Dec 29, 2016

Pipe Springs

The springs were in a remote area located north of the Grand Canyon on the Kaibab Plateau. Today that northwest corner of the state is known as the Arizona Strip and is accessible by paved road only through Utah.

Dec 9, 2016

The Blevins Killing

He was born in Tennessee in 1852 and named for Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry who distinguished himself in the War of 1812. It is not known when or why Owens came West.