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Reject airline handout in inflation reduction bill  

Included in the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 is yet another airline handout that will increase the cost of everyday goods for all Arizona families as prices continue to soar due to all-time high inflation.

The bill provides an additional and higher tax credit for sustainable aviation fuel production, despite the fuel already being eligible for a tax credit under the biodiesel tax credit.

A higher tax credit for sustainable aviation fuel will undercut America’s current fuel supplies and increase emissions across the transportation sector. The trucking industry delivers more than 80% of America’s goods and relies on biofuels, like renewable diesel and biodiesel, to lower emissions.

Tony Bradley

With a higher sustainable aviation fuel tax incentive, America’s supply of biofuels will become limited and more expensive and Arizona families will pay more for all goods hauled by truck like food, medication, clothing and more.

Congress must not favor one alternative fuel over another. Congress’ job is not to pick winners and losers when it comes to alternative fuels. Biofuels have a tremendous track record and have been reducing diesel emissions for more than a decade.

To ensure the transportation industry maintains access to renewable diesel and biodiesel, equal tax treatment with other fuels is critical. Tax parity will ensure we do not reverse our progress made in reducing emissions from the transportation sector.

Our Arizona congressional delegation should reject this deeply flawed proposal in the bill to keep emissions and the cost of our goods low.

Tony Bradley is president and CEO of the Arizona Trucking Association.



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