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Support school overrides, bond initiatives to provide quality education

public schools, overrides, bond elections, Arizona school districts, Scottsdale Unified School District

Voters have the opportunity to support public school students by voting “yes” on bond and override initiatives in 25 Arizona school districts in November.

Public School Override and bond initiatives need your attention. A “yes” vote at the ballot box Nov. 8 is crucial.

There are 25 Arizona school districts that need approval for bond and override initiatives.

Often times, the first reaction from households without K-12 age students is “we have no children in school.” That’s not an excuse! Growing up, wasn’t learning and going to school a priority in your house? Voters, it is time to Pay It Forward!

Today’s school children deserve the opportunity to have the best possible learning experience so they can succeed in a competitive world. An education that will last a lifetime is the most valuable investment for your community.

schools, overrides, bond elections, K-12, vouchers, vote, elections, Scottsdale Unified School District

Joanie Rose

Regular school budgets are not able to meet, let alone enhance or improve technology, curriculum, fine arts, playground facilities or library needs. This list includes, but is not limited to athletics, furniture, fixtures or equipment.

Take the Scottsdale Unified School District as prime example. By not voting for the override, students will lose a significant number of benefits, and by extension, the community will be affected as well.

The override being put to the voters in Scottsdale is just a continuation of an already existing tax. The impact of the override will increase the cost for the average property owner approximately $50 a year. Just think, you can make education a #1 priority by forgoing one Starbucks latte every 30 or 31 days. If lattes aren’t your preference, how about a few bottles of water per month?

Schools are struggling because the state legislature doesn’t study what public schools require to be successful. Unfortunately, politics comes into play and children, once again, get short changed. Take the school vouchers issue, which makes headlines almost daily. While over 6,000 have signed up for the reimbursement, many of the recipients already send their children to private schools. How many public school families with special needs students are the recipient of these funds? Does our legislature truly care about what makes schools and communities prosper?


Joanie Rose










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