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Rep. Bolick to stay on ballot

The Arizona Supreme Court ruled that Rep. Shawnna Bolick violated state law when she did not disclose her real home address on petition sheets she personally circulated and submitted to the secretary of state, but they concluded there were enough valid signatures to put her name on the ballot.

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Tuition setters treat State Constitution with respect, full attention

Two out-of-state policy advocates from the Martin Center in North Carolina recently wrote in support of the Arizona Attorney General’s bid to expand his authority. These North Carolinians urged that we allow the Attorney General to exercise power beyond Arizona Constitutional authority and gubernatorial and Legislative direction. The limits of Attorney General authority has been settled law in Arizona for decades.

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Stop raising tuition, treating Arizona Constitution with contempt

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich announces a lawsuit against the Arizona Board of Regents on Sept. 8. The suit alleges ABOR is not adhering to a constitutional requirement that tuition for residents attending state universities be “nearly as free as possible.” (Photo by Katie Campbell/Arizona Capitol Times)

On March 31, the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal filed an amicus brief urging the Arizona Supreme Court to hear a case on the issue of tuition increases at the state’s public universities. The case, initiated by Attorney General Mark Brnovich, alleges that the Arizona Board of Regents has violated the state’s constitutional mandate that university “instruction…shall be as nearly free as possible.”

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