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Jan 26, 2023

Top two GOP lawmakers want Hobbs to return inaugural money to state

The top two Republican lawmakers want Katie Hobbs to put money left over from the inaugural celebration into a state account -- where it can't be used to elect more Democrats.

Jun 14, 2012

Flake apologizes to GOP rival for error

Republican Rep. Jeff Flake is apologizing to his rival in the Arizona Senate race for an accusation made in an online video.

Oct 25, 2010

Dem AG’s bring in air support for Rotellini

A shell group for the Democratic Attorneys General Association is spending more than $600,000 on TV ads attacking Horne.

Jul 20, 2010

Horne, Thomas bring clash to the airwaves

Tom Horne and Andrew Thomas' campaigns against each other didn't get any more brutal, but they did become a bit more visible as the Republican attorney general candidates unleashed their first television ads of the campaign season.

May 14, 2010

Martin vs. everyone

Martin had some choice words for just about everyone who stands between him and the Ninth Floor. Speaking with YS yesterday, he lashed out at Brewer, Mills, Coughlin, Goddard and the state Republican Party. Martin is the last Clean Elections candidate in the governor's race who hasn't collected all his $5 contributions, and he attributed that to his inability to scare the lobbying community with t[...]

Mar 10, 2010

Mills airs first TV ads of governor’s race

Owen ‘Buz' Mills put his sizeable war chest to work on Monday (March 8), airing the first television ads of the 2010 governor's race.