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St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance

Mention hunger and you’re bound to learn about St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance, whose name is practically synonymous with charitable giving and volunteerism. Founded by John van Hengel in 1967, St. Mary’s has a global reputation with a village approach ...

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Charitable Giving

Arizona charitable giving improves thanks to tax credit law change Arizona isn’t exactly the most charitable state. According to one survey, in fact, it’s dead last. And that means Arizonans could certainly give more. Whether they’re conscious or not of Arizona’s ...

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Lawyers help others with free or reduced legal services (access required)

A federal appeals court rejected Todd Fries' argument that his conviction on chemical weapons charges should not have been taken into account when he was sentenced for bomb possession.

The cost of legal services can be daunting, and even in our most urban settings, approximately 20 percent of our residents live at or below the federal poverty level. That percentage is often higher in rural areas. This population, however, is particularly vulnerable when faced with legal issues involving basic necessities of life.

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