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Jun 23, 2023

SRP must transition to clean, renewable energy – now   

As state elected officials, community leaders, and most importantly – parents, we are concerned about the future of our children, and believe it’s time for our utilities to start acting with some urgency. 

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Dec 20, 2022

Navajo company sues BNSF Railway over coal transportation

One of the largest coal producers in the United States sued a major freight railroad Tuesday, alleging it breached a contract to transport coal from Montana for use overseas.

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Apr 25, 2022

Policymakers haven’t gotten the message

There is no left or right energy. It is all just energy. Cheap is better than expensive, in-state is better than out, abundant is better than scarce, and clean is better than dirty.  For Arizonans, solar paired with storage checks all of those boxes. Anyone who tells you otherwise is just making stuff up.  

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Mar 18, 2022

SRP doesn’t want customers to have a choice

We need to revamp our electricity system so customers are no longer held captive by the utilities.

Dec 10, 2021

Arizona voters want clean energy now

 The facts are clear: Arizona is in a climate crisis, and voters believe clean energy and zero-emission transportation are the solution. This message is more pertinent than ever – we cannot continue our fossil fuel dependence. 

Sep 17, 2021

Future hinges on new energy infrastructure

The U.S. energy market is changing more rapidly and dramatically than anyone would have predicted. A steep decline in the price of solar-generated electricity, combined with the rising cost of coal and gas-fired electricity, has turned energy economics on its head. This is particularly true here in the Southwest. 

Sep 1, 2021

SRP $1B gas plan bad for consumers, environment

Last week, Salt River Project announced that it plans to spend nearly $1 billion to add 16 new natural gas units to its powerplant in Coolidge, one of the largest fossil fuel investments by a utility in recent memory. I served on the SRP board from 2016-2020, and this decision stunned me. It is wrong-headed, unnecessary, and out of step with where responsible electric utilities are moving in this[...]

Oct 6, 2020

A fair and responsible transition to clean energy

A just and sustainable energy transition requires cooperation. Federal, state, and local governments must partner with the utility companies that manage our electric grid and the business community that helps drive investment and innovation.

The coal-fired Navajo Generating Station in northeast Arizona provides almost 1,000 jobs between the plant and the mine that supplies it, but the plant's operators have said they plan to shut it down after 2019. (Photo by Amber Brown/Courtesy SRP)
Jul 9, 2020

Utilities must commit to invest in communities in move from coal

The rapidly changing energy landscape makes it critical for the burdens of fossil fuel workers and communities to be assessed in all utility planning, so that we aren’t left behind, once again. The Arizona Corporation Commission has the chance now to ask Arizona Public Service to be accountable to all the communities its actions impact, including our Diné communities.

Jan 22, 2020

Arizona Public Service vows all clean power by 2050

Arizona's largest electric utility said January 22 that it plans to switch to 100% carbon-neutral power generation by 2050, a sharp turnaround from a company that spent tens of millions of dollars two years ago to fight a ballot measure requiring it to use renewable sources.

May 8, 2019

Arizona benefits from diverse energy mix – including coal, nuclear

Undoubtedly, natural gas and renewables are gaining prominence in Arizona and the nation. But it makes sense to keep all options on the table. In Arizona, coal and nuclear power have proven reliable for decades. They should continue to be part of an all-of-the-above energy mix alongside natural gas and solar for years to come.

Apr 13, 2018

Lawmakers, witnesses grapple with how to save Navajo Generating Station

Witnesses and lawmakers called for action Thursday to head off the 2019 closure of the Navajo Generating Station, a move that could mean the loss of thousands of jobs at the plant and the coal mine that fuels it.