Petersen, Senate, rental tax
Jun 13, 2023

Senate pushes rental tax elimination (again)

The Senate voted Tuesday to pass a revised version of the rental tax elimination bill that was vetoed by Gov. Katie Hobbs a few months ago.

Bibles, Stahl-Hamilton, ethics violation
Jun 9, 2023

Ethics panel rules Stahl-Hamilton engaged in disorderly behavior by hiding Bibles 

A House ethics panel determined that a Democratic representative who hid Capitol Bibles engaged in disorderly behavior.  

Hobbs, vetoes, porn, classrooms, Hoffman, Horne, veto
May 24, 2023

Hobbs vetoes mainly partisan bills, draws ire for nixing elections legislation 

So far this session Gov. Katie Hobbs has vetoed 92 bills, 22 of which had the support of at least one legislative Democrat, leading to criticism from Republicans about her treatment of bipartisan bills. 

teacher pay, Gress, House, salaries, education, K-12
Mar 28, 2023

$10K teacher raise bill stalls; Gress hopes for bipartisan solution

A Republican measure that would give Arizona teachers a $10,000 raise over the next two years stalled as the bill sponsor hopes to reach a bipartisan agreement that Gov. Katie Hobbs can sign.

Steve Robinson, election, Eva Diaz, Republican, LD22, ballots
Nov 9, 2022

Democrat takes lead in crowded LD22 Senate race

In the heavily crowded Legislative District 22 Senate race, a Democrat has taken the lead. As of 1:45 a.m. on Wednesday, Democrat Eva Diaz had 44.1% of the vote. Republican Steve Robinson had 19.8%, the next closest percentage.