Biden, Trump, presidency, Arizona
Sep 28, 2023

Biden targeting Trump’s ‘extremist movement’ as he makes democracy a touchtone in reelection bid

President Joe Biden is arguing that "there is something dangerous happening in America" as he revives his warnings that Donald Trump and his allies represent an existential threat to the country's democratic institutions.

Credit Card Competition Act, credit cards, small businesses
Aug 11, 2023

Credit Card Competition Act good for small businesses and underserved communities 

A recent op-ed raised concerns about the Credit Card Competition Act, but the truth is this bill will have a positive impact on small businesses and provide an economic boost for underserved communities by lowering the costs of goods and services.

Biden, Grand Canyon National Park, national monument, Hopi, Baaj Nwaavjo I'tah Kukveni
Aug 8, 2023

Biden makes Grand Canyon monument designation, citing Arizona tribal heritage, climate concerns

Declaring it good "not only for Arizona but for the planet," President Joe Biden on Tuesday signed a national monument designation for the greater Grand Canyon, turning the decades-long visions of Native American tribes and environmentalists into reality.

PACT Act, veterans, asthma, military
Aug 4, 2023

Arizona veterans: apply for your PACT Act benefits before Aug. 9

I never had asthma during my entire life until I volunteered to serve my country. Thanks to President Joe Biden and military veteran leaders in Congress like Rep. Ruben Gallego and Sen. Mark Kelly, I’m now covered because of the PACT Act.

Grand Canyon, Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Forest Service, Baaj Nwaavjo I’tah Kukveni Grand Canyon National Monument
Jul 20, 2023

Public shows support for proposed monument near Grand Canyon

Dozens of community members, tribal leaders and state officials gathered in Flagstaff on Tuesday to show their support for a proposed national monument around the Grand Canyon, saying the designation could protect natural and cultural resources.

fentanyl, border, smuggling
Jul 20, 2023

Remove lethal, illegal vapes from kids’ reach

Protecting children and young adults from dangerous drugs and unregulated products should be a top priority for elected officials in all levels of government. We are in the midst of a national crisis as fentanyl continues to spread across every corner of the country and unregulated vaping products multiply on store shelves targeting young children.

Julie Su, Biden, small businesses, franchisees, secretary of labor
Jul 14, 2023

Senate should confirm Su as labor secretary

As the local franchisee owners of hotels and a 7-11 in Arizona, we strongly urge the U.S. Senate to immediately confirm Julie Su – the daughter of franchisees – as the secretary of labor. 

gig workers, Julie Su, Biden, Kelly, Sinema, pandemic
Jun 16, 2023

Arizona senators need to protect the state’s gig workers

President Biden's Labor Secretary nominee Julie Su presided over the Administration’s proposed new worker classification rule last fall, which could force independent contractors and gig workers to reclassify as full-time W-2 employees. While intended to help contract workers access benefits and union protection, forced reclassification would wreak havoc across the economy and disrupt vital sour[...]

Trump, indictment, Biggs, Gosar, Lesko, Stanton, Gallego, Sinema,
Jun 12, 2023

GOP lawmakers call for ‘war,’ Democrats for justice after Trump indictment

Arizona lawmakers’ reaction to the historic indictment of former President Donald Trump for allegedly hoarding classified intelligence documents was swift – and partisan – Friday.

EPA, ADEQ, pollution
Mar 30, 2023

Arizona will fail clean-air standards if other states aren’t ‘good neighbors’

Arizona is doing all it can to improve air quality but will not meet federal standards as long as pollution from other jurisdictions can drift across its borders, the director of the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality testified Wednesday.

Colorado River, drought, water, Arizona, Colorado, California, Hickenlooper, Kelly, Sinema
Mar 13, 2023

Colorado River senators meet quietly to facilitate states’ water talks

Senators from Arizona and the six other Western states in the Colorado River basin have been quietly meeting “for about a year,” to facilitate difficult discussions between the states over the future of the river.

Navajo Nation, Peterson Zah
Mar 13, 2023

Ex-Navajo president honored in funeral procession, reception

Remembered as an inspirational, humble leader with a passion for education and commitment to his people, former Navajo Nation President Peterson Zah was honored Saturday with a funeral procession that stretched for 100 miles (160 kilometers) from western New Mexico into eastern Arizona.