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Bill bars charging juveniles for probation costs (access required)

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Under Senate Bill 1197, sponsored by Sen. David Gowan, R-Sierra Vista, and backed by Stand for Children Arizona, the courts would no longer be able to require juveniles or their parents or guardians to pay costs of probation, legal services, administrative fees, foster care, counseling, treatment, education programs, and any health care, food, clothing, shelter, or supervision while a child is incarcerated by the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections.  

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To lower crime, get people working

Last year, the legislature passed a bill that rewards probation officers who help reduce crime in their communities. The bill, HB2707, gives probation departments part of the savings when fewer people enter prison. I decided to lead on HB2707 because ...

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How we can improve the probation system

The evidence is clear — incentives can jumpstart Arizona’s stagnant probation system and drive better outcomes for decades to come. By passing HB2707, the Arizona House of Representatives took a decisive step toward reviving a great policy that never should have been abandoned. Now, it’s the Senate’s turn to pass this bill and finally tell probation departments, “promises made, promises kept.”

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