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News Notes: Negotiation gap closing

The two sides continue to inch closer to an agreement, sources within the majority caucuses told our reporter today. K-12 and VLT funding are still the major stumbling block(s). Otherwise, there appears to be a growing sentiment among some in the GOP that putting Brewer’s sales tax hike on the ballot but not scoring it in 2010 will be acceptable, because it’s being sold to back benchers as “do this, it will fail, then we can make real cuts for 2011.”

There’s more on this story and eight others in the June 17 Legislative Report. News Notes are based on items published in the Arizona Legislative Report – our hard-copy service that provides daily coverage of the Legislature. For more information about the Arizona Legislative Report, contact Arizona Capitol Reports at (602) 258-7026 or staff@azcapitolreports.com

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