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Maybe rules were meant to be broken

Looks like both Republicans and Democrats in the Senate are ignoring their own rules. Sen. Steve Pierce decided to go into executive session when the governor arrived today. “That’s my prerogative to do so, and I think we will do so right now,” he said.

Asked by our reporter why they were going into a closed-door meeting, Pierce said: “I didn’t know she was going to be here right now.” The Senate Rulebook governs when caucuses can go into an executive session. It states: “All meetings of a party caucus consisting of members of the Senate shall be open to the public except organizational meetings to elect officers of the caucus and the Senate and meetings to discuss matters permitted in executive session as set forth in section 38-431.03, Arizona Revised Statutes.” That section refers to Arizona’s open meeting laws, which cites the specific instances when a public body can go into an executive session.

The governor joining a party’s caucus is not one of them. And then this comment was posted on the Senate Republican Twitter: “Senate Dems had closed caucus Thursday…hmmm, no one seemed to care.” Democrats did, in fact, hold a caucus last week without posting it or making it public, Garcia said. “That’s something I guess I have to be more conscientious of,” he said.

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