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Capitol Quotes 11/20

“This state is in crisis and it is very disappointing and frankly embarrassing that one member of our caucus did not have the decency to show up. I left the floor open to give him every opportunity to do the right thing.” – Senate President Bob Burns, noting in a media release that he is disappointed that Sen. Thayer Verschoor was absent from the floor during the final Senate vote on budget bills.

“It’s like a legal temper tantrum.” – State Treasurer Dean Martin, commenting on a letter from the Attorney General’s Office questioning which legal services the office would continue providing for the Treasurer’s Office. A law passed during the 2009 session allows the treasurer to hire outside counsel.

“It’s worth asking, and it’s worth maybe ignoring.” – Sen. Russell Pearce, speaking about the possibility of asking the U.S. Department of Education for a waiver that would free Arizona from maintenance-of-effort requirements for federal stimulus money.

“They can walk from those homes, but we have to pick up the burden.” – Sen. Jay Tibshraeny, a Republican from Chandler, commenting after lawmakers were unable to pass legislation to allow banks to recoup money from speculative homebuyers who allow their homes to be foreclosed upon.

“It’s flattering that some would like her to be here, but it doesn’t appear to be necessary at this point.” – Kim Sabow, a spokeswoman for the Governor’s Office, commenting on Gov. Jan Brewer’s trip to Austin, Texas, during the Legislature’s special session.

“It’s a consolidation of power. It’s not some wild-eyed conspiracy theory. It’s history.” – Sen. Ron Gould, a Republican from Lake Havasu City, commenting on the House and Senate Victory committees that were initiated by Republican legislative leaders to raise money for GOP candidates for the Legislature.

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