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Brewer signs law to loosen restrictions on carrying concealed weapons

Gov. Jan Brewer has signed S1108 into law, making it legal for anyone over the age of 21 to carry a concealed deadly weapon without a permit.

The governor lauded the bill as a victory for individual rights and constitutional freedom.

“As governor I have pledged a solemn and important oath to protect and defend the Constitution,” said Brewer, who is steeped in four-way primary race. “I believe this legislation not only protects the Second Amendment rights of Arizona citizens, but restores those rights as well.”

Soon after Brewer signed the bill, the Arizona Citizens Defense League released a statement supporting her decision, saying the new law will make Arizona safer.

“We have absolute confidence in our fellow citizens,” said the organization’s vice president, John Wentling. “We’re pleased that the Legislature, and the Governor, do as well.”

In the same release, though, the organization stressed the importance of firearms safety and said there will be more safety training available in the future.

Charles Heller, a representative from the Arizona Citizens Defense League, said gun owners who want a concealed weapons permit will be able to obtain one by taking one of several firearms-safety courses across the state. The law on the books prior to the signing of S1108 required gun owners to take an 8-hour course certified by the state in order to qualify for a concealed-weapons permit.

The law will go into effect 90 days after the end of the legislative session.


  1. Is the “deadly weapon” state appose to a a “Playful Weapon” its a weapon, why the whole “Dealy” statement?

    Also, atleast it gets me pass all the back peddling and two face people who claim that everyone has 2A rights and stands for it except when it comes to the blind with guns. but what ever.

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