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Capitol Quotes: Nov. 5, 2010

“The Sierra Club was on board. Everyone was singing Kumbaya.” — Farrell Quinlan, state NFIB director, on his surprise that Proposition 110, which would have allowed state trust land swaps to protect military bases, appeared headed for defeat despite a lack of opposition.

“We have always left the door open for Democrats a bit in previous elections, specifically the Attorney General’s Office. But we closed that door in 2010.” — GOP consultant Chris Baker

“One thing that has changed is that Republicans completely own the problem at this point, and they have a responsibility to make solutions.” — Don Bivens, chairman of the Arizona Democratic Party, on Election Night.

“All I can say is God bless them.” — Elliot Pollack, a Scottsdale economist, talking about the difficulty that freshmen lawmakers have when they encounter the complexities of the state budget for the first time.

“I’d hate to be disappointed by Russell if he gets behind an effort to push that bill through without doing the reforms we have to do on the economy and creating jobs.” — Sen. Frank Antenori, saying Sen. Pearce promised to make the economy and the state budget his priorities instead of immigration.

‘You should have heard my win speech. It was funny.’ — Jon Hulburd, a Democrat who lost in CD3, talking to a supporter on election night.

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