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Capitol Quotes: June 17, 2011

“This is a recognition that our policies — both in Arizona and across the nation — work against strong families.” — Rep. Cecil Ash, R-Mesa, on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ June 10 statement on immigration, which said state laws that focus solely on enforcement are “likely to fall short of the high moral standard of treating each other as children of God.”

“The governor’s press release last Friday could have been written by Democrats.” — House Assistant Minority Leader Steve Farley on Brewer’s criticism of Republicans for not extending the unemployment insurance.

“Most Arizonans are too busy trying to make ends meet to appreciate the Institute’s lofty philosophical goals or inaccurate insistence that they would be better off without the Coyotes…” — U.S. Sen. John McCain in a letter he sent earlier this week to the Goldwater Institute, which has threatened to sue the city of Glendale over a deal it has proposed to facilitate the sale of the Phoenix Coyotes hockey team to a Chicago businessman.

“Sometimes, you’re going to disagree with your friends. You can’t be in this business and not have disagreements…even with people whose views you largely share.” — Goldwater Institute President and CEO Darcy Olsen’s response to McCain’s letter in a June 13 interview.

“The Legislature is a co-equal branch of government, and we expect to be treated like one. We are not a subcommittee of the Governor’s Office and we do not rubberstamp everything she wants the way she wants it.” — Sen. Rick Murphy, R-Peoria, commenting on the special session.

“I think they probably need to spend more quality time together.” — Marcus Dell’Artino on House Speaker Andy Tobin’s relationship with Gov. Jan Brewer.

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