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Capitol Quotes: August 10, 2012

“While we would never reveal campaign strategy for the next three weeks, rest assured, Wil Cardon is in this race to win it.” — Alyssa Pivirotto, campaign spokeswoman for Wil Cardon, denying that Cardon is winding down his campaign, despite going dark on network television the week early ballots went out.

“If Sinema’s lobbyist friends want to talk about integrity and experience for federal office, you better believe that’s a conversation we’re happy to have.” — Seth Scott, Andrei Cherny’s campaign manager, on anti-Cherny mail pieces from a pro-Sinema PAC run by two Valley lobbyists.

“I was intent on staying out of the legislative race, but I decided I do have an opinion and it was time I shared it.” — Sen. Michele Reagan, R-Scottsdale, on her endorsement of Legislative District 23 House candidate Jennifer Petersen over the two incumbents in the race.

“I’m not inclined to.” — Gov. Jan Brewer, on whether she’ll endorse former Sen. Russell Pearce in his primary against Bob Worsley.

“Remember, you’re talking about a guy who’s an eternal optimist.” — Paul Johnson, chairman of the Open Government Committee, on the possibility of getting the Arizona Supreme Court to overturn a superior court injunction against the committee’s proposed ballot initiative to create a top-two primary system.

‘I don’t think there’s any way you can keep this issue from the Supreme Court.’
ASU Professor Paul Bender on the lawsuit seeking to abolish Arizona’s ban on abortions at 20 weeks of pregnancy.

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