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Border Patrol to stop interpreting

Border Patrol to stop interpreting

(AP Photo/Arizona Daily Star, Greg Bryan)

U.S. Border Patrol agents will no longer serve as interpreters when local law enforcement agencies ask for language help.

The new decree issued by Homeland Security says agents should refer any such request to a private service if it’s solely for interpretation.

Immigration advocates in Washington state say Border Patrol agents who often interpret during traffic stops or other minor local law calls eventually end up asking immigration questions and in some cases arresting immigrants suspected of being in the country illegally.

The use of interpretation is one of several contentious practices immigrant advocates have fought against in Washington since the Border Patrol agency expanded the number of agents in the state.

Border Patrol has said it’s enforcing immigration laws and doing its job of securing the border.

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  1. Imagine that, a Democrat administration protecting its voter sources. Better wake up people.

  2. isent it great we help Pres. OBAMA win , viva Los Democrates , the face of America is no longer white , it is White , Red , Black , Brown , Yellow , get over it . And this is no country for Bigots or joe arpaio’s

  3. “In my opinion” When they merged Border Patrol and Customs into Customs and Border Protection, In about 2003./4, Border Patrol lost half of it’s effectiveness. It’s been going down hill every since. If it wasn’t for a few dedicated agents that struggle every day to get the job done (the one they took an oath for) there would be nothing left of the old Border Patrol. I wish I could say I think it will get better, but I don’t believe it will.

    Jerry Lasher
    Assistant Chief
    Border Patrol
    Air Operations, (Ret).

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