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Capitol Quotes: May 17, 2013

“They shouldn’t take it personally, but they do. I had to remind Senator (Michele) Reagan that when I tore her bills apart in caucus that it wasn’t personal.” — Former lawmaker Ron Gould, suggesting lawmakers are better off if they have a thick skin.

“This is a fight for Republican votes. The House and Senate are controlled by Republicans. Everyone knows we can’t get this done with Democrat votes alone.” — Matthew Benson, spokesman for Gov. Jan Brewer, on her Medicaid expansion strategy.

“You can’t make a deal that will bind future Legislatures. [Those deals] aren’t worth the paper they’re not written on.” — Senate President Andy Biggs of Gilbert on an agreement last year to go easy on Clean Elections in 2013.

“Had I known there were scratches, I would have left my name and contact information so that I could have taken care of this personally.” — Attorney General Tom Horne, in a statement after pleading no contest to a misdemeanor charge involving a hit-and-run traffic accident in a Phoenix parking garage.

“This ruling confirms yet again what we have held since the beginning of this long and drawn out process — our pursuit of the West Valley Resort is firmly grounded in the law.” — Ned Norris Jr., Tohono O’odham chairman, in a statement on a judge’s ruling to allow a casino next to Glendale.

“There’s nothing else that could have changed my position. That’s how important the pro-life issue is to me.” — Rep. Paul Boyer, R-Phoenix, explaining how his stand against abortion funding transformed him into an opponent of Medicaid expansion.

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