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Letter: Expand the ESA program


I am a father of five wonderful adopted children. Like every parent, I want the best for each one. We are so fortunate to have the empowerment scholarship accounts, allowing us to send the kids to a private school where they get the extra attention they need to overcome challenges and thrive.

The smaller class size means extra attention in a nurturing environment. Which was exactly what my daughter needed. As a kindergartener, she struggled with language development but in a short time is already overcoming the challenge and will soon be ready for first grade.

My seven-year-old has also excelled at Paradise Valley Christian Prep. I’ve seen an increase in his confidence and reading ability, and his standardized test scores are off the charts. I couldn’t be more proud of him.

Being able to send the kids to a private school that best fits their needs, where they are centered around Christian people who are guiding lights is extremely important to us as a family.

Other families have their own priorities and they should also have the option to choose the right educational environment for their children. Expand the ESA program and give all Arizona parents a choice.

Tim Bohnett lives in Phoenix.


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  1. Right now, Arizona has a voucher system in place to address these specific needs. A NO vote on Proposition 305 does nothing to the current program or the students/ families benefiting from that resource. However, a YES vote on Proposition 305 raises the very real possibility that those students still no longer be the top of the list… squeezed out by the tens of thousands added.

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