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Business leaders plan push to increase education sales tax

A group of business leaders is pushing for a measure to go on the 2020 ballot to increase the sales tax that supports Arizona public K-12 schools and universities.

The Arizona Republic reports the group announced the effort on Tuesday that aims to replace and expand a current voter-approved sales tax set to expire in mid-2021.

The current o.6 cent tax pumps about $600 million into schools each year. The proposed 1.5 cent sales tax is estimated to put about $900 million more into education.

The group’s referendum draft indicates most of the new funding would be directed for increasing teacher pay, making kindergarten a full-day grade and improving school infrastructure.

The group says they intend to gather signatures to put it on the ballot if lawmakers fail to act.


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  1. What the voters of Arizona need to be aware of is that, according to Tax Foundation data, Arizona is, TODAY, the state with the second highest sales tax rate. This increase will push us over the top. At the same time our property and income taxes are among the lowest. Our legislature lacks the intestinal fortitude to raise either property or income, preferring to shove it off to the voters to get them off the hook. Moreover, if history is any guide, they will continue to rob education funding ensuring a repeat of the funding crisis in years to come.
    We need to stop with the tax cuts and ensuing revenue losses, and do what needs to be done, and it needs to be done now.

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