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Ducey urges Tucson to reject sanctuary city ballot measure

Photo by Zerbor

Photo by Zerbor

Gov. Doug Ducey has added his voice to those urging Tucson residents to reject a ballot measure to declare the community a “sanctuary city.”

The governor said Thursday that all three mayoral candidates are opposed to the proposal that has gathered enough signatures to be put on the November ballot. Ditto, Ducey said, of current Mayor Jonathan Rothschild, along with the chief of police and the county sheriff.

And if that isn’t enough, the governor pointed out that the city stands to lose millions of dollars in state aid.

That’s because a 2010 law aimed at illegal immigration specifically requires police officers to check the immigration status of someone they have stopped if there is reason to believe the person is in this country illegally. And a separate statute allows the attorney general to withhold half of any community’s state aid if it violates state laws.

“Think upwards of $100 million that it could cost the city of Tucson,” Ducey said. “So I’m hopeful that the citizens of Tucson will make the reasonable decision and vote ‘no’ on that proposition.”

Supporters of the initiative say that a declaration would provide a legal basis for some of the policies that already exist in Tucson where police, unless they have some specific reason, do not ask those they stop about whether they are here legally. There also is the argument that it could provide protection for undocumented crime victims and curb collaboration between the city and federal agencies on certain enforcement measures.

Ducey said he does understand some of what’s behind the movement, especially with people fleeing their home countries and seeking amnesty here. At the same time the Trump administration is seeking to erect new barriers to such claims.

“I one hundred percent understand the sentiments of it,” the governor said.

“That’s why I deal so closely with our border mayors, with our churches, with our faith-based community, and with the nonprofits,” Ducey said. “And I think as difficult as this humanitarian crisis has been, you have seen people step up to help aid, comfort and house these migrants in these situations.”


  1. Tucson—a “Sanctuary City”! We have some folks down here that are a “special kind of stupid”. I never could understand why Americans would set up “sanctuaries” to protect people who are in our country illegally. Our political leaders are always worrying about America’s image on the “World Stage”. Well, with policies like this I’d say we’re the number one comedy show! In NO other country would you find this. No wonder other countries have been taken advantage of us all these years. A wealthy, mighty, nuclear super power, with no common sense, no Nationalism and no clue—will soon have no country and no freedom.

    We have got to get control of our borders! A country that can’t control it’s borders and its immigration is NOT a country! We need common sense, merit-based immigration policy that deters future illegal immigration and we need the wall! Border security is national security and that’s non-negotiable! Anyone who doesn’t believe in the preservation of our sovereignty, independence and freedom, is a threat to all three. This should not be a partisan issue. Democrat, Republican, Conservative—doesn’t matter. Race—doesn’t matter. Color—doesn’t matter. AMERICAN—that’s what matters. If we can’t unite around controlling our borders, immigration, preserving our sovereignty, independence and freedom, plugging the loopholes in our asylum laws, deporting illegals who are criminals and/or drain our resources, calling out destructive behavior in our own that hurts us all, stop calling everything and everyone a “racist” get our house in order, stop taking our freedom for granted, and start putting America First, we might as well nuke ourselves.

  2. They want to live in the United States illegally while waving their Mexican flag. It’s all about votes and cheap labor. Don’t let anyone fool you, the intent of the Democrats and the Republican rhino Globalists is open borders, no Flags, no nationalism, the obliteration of the greatest governmental documentation ever written, the American Constitution. Just as the European Union is being run by non-elected globalist in Brussels, the United Nations is waiting in the wings to be given Powers over the Constitution of the United States and its citizens. Wake up people!

  3. This is what happens when the southern border moves too far north. And when liberals are allowed to leave their safe spaces.

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