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It’s your turn to help Arizona

Dear Editor:

In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, a very important constitutional mandate is also front and center.

The results determine how many federal dollars are infused into our communities as well as the state.

Every 10 years, everyone’s responsibility is to fill out the census survey.  In March, you received an invitation to respond to the 2020 Census.  Your census ID was included in the letter.  It is important to note that your information is safe, secure and protected by the federal government and no personal information is released, period.  The data collected is vital for your communities to receive funding for improving necessary school services, upgrading emergency protections, assisting hospitals, securing an adequate police force and maintaining sufficient fire departments.

The Census also determines the seat allocation for your congressional district.  All of these benefits are for you and your family.  So, while you are sheltering in place, kindly go to my2020census.gov today. Your survey will help benefit Arizona.


Joan Rose


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