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Open letter to last person in room

Dear Editor:

Congratulations to Sen. Harris!!!

I hope you agree the 2020 election needs to be a landslide of epic proportion. The Biden-Harris victory must be a resounding rejection of the current occupant of the White House and it must be seared in the common memory for all time. Hopefully, such a landslide will have enough down-ballot momentum to carry the Senate & House and governorships and state-houses, too.

ARIZONA is key to the landslide.

You see the case for flipping Arizona in particular: The 2020 AZ election will have a ballot measure for the legalization of marijuana. The organizers of that measure have collected 420,000 petitioner signatures and so many of these people are single issue voters.

You can have all those votes if you change Joe Biden’s position on marijuana – otherwise you are risking Arizona.

I want you to understand where I am coming from.  I’m an old man, twice retired, 22 years in the Navy and another 22 years in public school administration. I have thrown sailors out of the navy for use/possession/distribution of marijuana.  And I have expelled kids from school for having marijuana at school.  Then about 7 years ago some of my former students encouraged me to look into the history of the marijuana laws in this country.  I was horrified to see the racist origins of the American marijuana laws. I was equally horrified to see that the laws were based on lies. And here we are:  an entire large component of US criminal justice system based on lies and racism.  If I can change my mind, Joe Biden can, too.

Please do it – we need than landslide, more than ever in Arizona – but unfortunately the cannabis issue is a divisive one, so please become the uniter-in-chief and show the country that Joe Biden  can change his mind when given new evidence.  WE REALLY NEED A LANDSLIDE

Early voting starts here on October 7th!!! Please get Joe Biden to announce support for Marijuana legalization soon.

John Gleason


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