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Grassroots effort gets people out to vote on Navajo Nation (access required)

Navajo, voting, Yellowstone, actor, El Capitán Mountain, Solidarity Trail Ride, campaign, vote, Ride to the Polls, Indigenous voters, general election, Reclaim Your Future, Lakota, Diné , Harper's Bazaar, Nathaniel Brown,

Activists, advocates and actors mounted horses on a Saturday morning last month for a ride through the red rock of El Capitán Mountain in iconic Monument Valley. The Solidarity Trail Ride was part of the nationwide event Ride to the Polls, which was organized by Protect the Sacred, a grassroots organization to motivate young Indigenous voters.

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Hold ‘MAGA’ law-breakers accountable

voting, women's rights, 19th Amendment, Kansas, Air Force Academy, MAGA, Masters, Trump, vote, election

If we, as a nation, allow those who violated their oaths to escape justice, it sends a signal to their followers that they can continue this behavior. If eternal vigilance is the price of liberty, we need to exercise that vigilance in the voting booth before that booth is closed to us, or its results ignored. 

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