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Brophy McGee defending crucial Senate seat

The "I voted sticker" is commonly given to voters across the U.S. after they cast their ballots. (Wikimedia Commons).

Sen. Kate Brophy McGee grew her lead to defend her Senate seat against former Arizona Teacher of the Year Christine Marsh. Brophy McGee, a Republican from Phoenix, routinely faces tough elections in the competitive Legislative District 28, where Republicans hold ...

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No matter the vote, empowerment scholarships have helped many


In November, Arizona voters will decide whether expanding the state’s Empowerment Scholarship Account program makes sense. It was originally started to help the parents of disabled children, foster children, or parents who are active military. It evolved, with little controversy, to include adopted children, children attending D/F rated schools, and those in Native American communities. About 5,000 children are now using the scholarships to attend private schools or be home-schooled, if they don’t feel the public school system is right for their special, unique needs.

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