A key way towards more pandemic progress

Guest Opinion//April 13, 2021

A key way towards more pandemic progress

Guest Opinion//April 13, 2021

Healthcare cure concept with a hand in blue medical gloves holding Coronavirus, Covid 19 virus, vaccine vial

As more and more of America gets vaccinated, proof of vaccination could be the ticket to the new normalcy. It could be a requirement to work, play, and travel. That proof should be portable, reliable, and easy to use. It should not be a luxury. It will likely be a necessity.  

With that in mind Scottsdale-based BuddyCheque, in cooperation with the Bob Ramsey Social Justice Foundation, has created a cutting edge mobile app, ConfirmD, in response to the growing need for proof of Covid vaccination in America and abroad. It’s an effective tool for America to progress beyond the pandemic. The loss of life and the shared hardships associated with Covid should never be forgotten. But that doesn’t mean we can’t do better and move forward. 

Bob Ramsey
Bob Ramsey

There are no easy answers for businesses that want to keep their workers and customers safe as Covid vaccinations are underway. But we think requiring proof of vaccinations is a good start for those business that wish to do so. 

I am used to responding to emergencies. In 1980, I founded Southwest Ambulance.  I learned the importance of having the right technology to respond to emergencies. 

Years later, I formed the Bob Ramsey Social Justice Foundation because I believe technology and innovation can do the most good when they are available to all. 

BuddyCheque is supported by this charitable organization that sponsors health care projects benefitting underserved communities. 

ConfirmD allows users to voluntarily share Covid status, as well as other medical records. The app enables users to display a QR code that provides medically verified Covid status. It represents next level technology that’s needed if we are ever to get beyond Covid. 

For businesses that want to open quickly while protecting patrons and customers, this is the right technology to respond to the current emergency. For consumers, this app is currently free to download and there is a nominal subscription fee. We made it affordable because I believe that’s the best way to do the most good. 

Currently, there is constant talk of proof of vaccination may be required for international travel or to visit loved ones in nursing homes or hospitals. Movie theaters and gyms are considering requiring proof of vaccination. Israel, the most vaccinated country in the world, is already down this path too. 

It’s not my wish to argue for or against any mandates. But I do believe there should be options for businesses eager to open while preventing the spread of Covid. Consumers need options that are easy to use and easy to verify. A mobile app that’s practically free to use certainly makes sense. And if we ever have to face another pandemic, this technology could help contain the crisis because the best way to handle an emergency is to be prepared before it happens. 

People are eager to get back to work, and to travel. It’s safe to say most of us are eager to get out of the house. The new normal seems to be changing month to month. It’s my hope that a simple mobile app will help usher in a post Covid normalcy now and in the future.  

Bob Ramsey  has been an active community and business leader for over 40 years, founding companies in a variety of fields: ambulance services in Arizona and throughout the Southwest, medical supplies, air freight transportation in western US, information technologies and management systems, real estate and avionics.