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Senate panel OKs 15-week abortion ban

State lawmakers took the first steps Thursday to curbing abortion rights in Arizona if the U.S. Supreme Court gives them the go-ahead to do so. SB 1164, approved on a 5-3 party-line vote by the Republican-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee, would ...

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Religion has everything to do with abortion

Four anti-abortion bills have been introduced into the state legislature including a Texas copycat bill (HR2001, HR2483, SB1044, SB1164). The issue is not whether a state has the constitutional authority to protect “unborn life” but whether women, who have been ...

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Don’t Texas My Arizona

The Texas Heartbeat Act—the most restrictive abortion law in the country—is in full effect. Although the law commenced just a few months ago, the effects are widespread: women are seeking refuge in neighboring states, online pharmacies are overwhelmed with patient ...

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