Casa Grande

housing, Pinal County, Census
May 30, 2023

Room to boom: Pinal County housing grew at fastest rate in state

It’s unclear which came first in Pinal County, the houses or the people filling them. What is clear is that both continue growing at some of the fastest rates in the state and, in some instances, the nation.

population growth, Maricopa, Queen Creek, U.S. Census Bureau
May 18, 2023

Queen Creek, Maricopa rank among top 15 in country for population growth

Two cities on the far urban fringe of Phoenix grew faster in the past year measured than any other community in Arizona.

water, groundwater, Kerr, Senate bill
Mar 30, 2023

Partial fix for build-to-rent loophole in the works, but more groundwater legislation stalled

Lawmakers are advancing bills that would tighten up some aspects of groundwater management in the state, but more ambitious groundwater proposals have stalled in the legislature so far this year.

Menzel, Scottsdale Unified School District, Kavanagh, Kolodin, Chaplik, Casa Grande, Washington Elementary School District
Mar 9, 2023

Move to fire Scottsdale school chief heats up

An attempt to remove the superintendent of Scottsdale Unified School District has spilled over to the Capitol after Fox News reported this year on an interview the district’s superintendent gave to a progressive Michigan blog in 2019, a year before he was hired in Arizona.

home rule, Senate, Wadsack, Tucson
Mar 7, 2023

Senators vote to ask voters to eliminate cities’ ability to have own charters

State senators voted Tuesday to ask voters to eliminate the ability of cities to have their own charters -- but only after its sponsor promised to narrow it to affect only Tucson and Phoenix and, pretty soon, Mesa.

Wadsack, Kern, Senate, Bennett, Tucson, Arizona Constitution, Phoenix, Coolidge, Prescott, Sundareshan, Shope
Mar 6, 2023

Senators vote to allow voters to decide how Tucson residents elect council

State senators voted Monday to let voters across Arizona decide how Tucson residents get to elect members of their city council.

lithium battery, electric vehicles, Li-Cycle, Department of Energy, Casa Grande, Gilbert
Mar 1, 2023

DOE grants $375M loan for lithium battery recycling plant

The effort to satisfy a vast demand for lithium for electric vehicle batteries moved one step forward with a $375 million loan from the Department of Energy to Li-Cycle, a battery recycling company, to build a lithium-ion battery recovery plant near Rochester, N.Y., after plans for another such facility in Arizona were announced recently.

Tucson, home rule, lawmakers, Senate, Republicans, Wadsack, Mendez, Sundareshan
Feb 28, 2023

Bid to kill home rule in 19 cities defeated

A bid to kill home rule in 19 cities was defeated Tuesday when two Republican senators who represent some of those areas refused to go along.

Gallego, U.S. Senate, Sinema, Harvard University, U.S. Marines, Iraq, Grant Park,Democratic congressional district, election, White Mountain Apache Tribe, Navajo Nation, Democratic Party, LGBTQ+ rights,
Jan 30, 2023

Gallego holds first events of Arizona Senate campaign

Democrat Ruben Gallego held the first public events of his U.S. Senate campaign Saturday, taking aim at independent incumbent Kyrsten Sinema and casting his candidacy in a patriotic appeal to the American dream.

I-10, Hobbs, ADOT, Hoffman, Petersen, Burch, Senate
Jan 30, 2023

Should federal grants favor highway repair over expansion?

Arizona officials refer to a notoriously congested stretch of desert highway through tribal land as the Wild Horse Pass Corridor, a label that's less about horses than the bustling casino by the same name located just north of where the interstate constricts to four lanes.

Jan 18, 2023

To save lives, let’s fast-track federal grant to improve I-10

Widening and improving the I-10 will save lives, reduce smog, save travelers’ time, improve freight transit, and help the Arizona economy remain robust.

Apr 5, 2021

Agencies: Arizona farmers should expect less water in 2022

State officials are putting farmers in south-central Arizona on notice that the continuing drought means a "substantial cut" in deliveries of Colorado River water is expected next year.