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Dec 26, 2019

America’s Workers Need Better Jobs

There are plenty of news commentators who say America’s workers are doing just fine. They see low consumer prices, low unemployment, and a booming stock market as signs that all is well. But out in the real world, things are more worrying. Millions of Americans are barely subsisting on retail work in shopping malls and restaurants. And the kinds of jobs available to them are now declining in qua[...]

Oct 1, 2019

Food prices up from a year ago

Pork getting expensive? Blame the Chinese. That's not the official position of the Arizona Farm Bureau Federation which on Tuesday reported its quarterly prices of a typical market basket of items.

Jul 15, 2019

U.S. dependence on China for medicine a major problem

As tensions between the U.S. and China escalate, Washington is waking up to the threat posed by Beijing’s longstanding espionage and cyber hacking. But there’s another looming problem – and one that’s been overlooked for too long: America’s growing dependence on China for prescription drugs.

Jun 25, 2019

America’s Energy, Tech and Defense Future Needs Mining

As the recent trade war with China has escalated, Beijing has implied that it may retaliate by withholding rare earth minerals. Such a strategic vulnerability – and America’s alarmingly high reliance on imported minerals and metals – is now in the spotlight for all the world to see.

This Oct. 22, 2012, file photo shows a view from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park in Ariz. The impending closure of a coal-fired power plant on the Navajo Nation could lend momentum to a project being considered by tribal leaders to build a tram at the Grand Canyon to fill the economic void. The Grand Canyon Escalade project was brought up to Navajo Nation lawmakers and tribal members last fall by former Navajo Nation President Albert Hale as a solution to shrinking revenues from nonrenewable energies, (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer, File)
Jul 19, 2017

Arizona tourist spending hits all time high

Tourists visiting Arizona spent a record $21.2 billion in the state last year. And they would have spent more if gasoline had been more expensive.

Aug 26, 2015

Financial advisers, economists urge calm in face of market volatility

The stock market has been buffeted by historic drops over the last week, but economists and financial advisers in Arizona were telling investors Tuesday that it’s still “too early to be concerned.”

Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal (Photo by Evan Wyloge/Arizona Capitol Times)
Jul 16, 2014

Huppenthal defends record while opponent compares Common Core to communist China

Arizona schools chief John Huppenthal sparred with his Republican primary challenger, Diane Douglas, Tuesday evening in a debate that focused on the state's new Common Core school standards but also touched on anonymous blog posts Huppenthal made that forced him to apologize.

Nov 5, 2013

Brewer to lead trade mission to Taiwan

Gov. Jan Brewer will lead a trade mission to Taiwan to promote Arizona businesses, build trade relations and encourage tourism.

Jun 25, 2013

McCain urges tougher US stance with Russia, China

Sen. John McCain says the diplomatic row between Washington and Moscow over admitted CIA leaker Edward Snowden is "reminiscent of the Cold War" and says the Obama administration must be tougher in its dealings with both Russia and China.

Feb 15, 2013

Brewer, AHCCCS expansion advocates tout general fund benefits

On its face, the Arizona Board of Regents and the universities they govern have little, if anything, to do with the state’s Medicaid program or Gov. Jan Brewer’s plans to expand it in accordance with the federal Affordable Care Act.

Sep 21, 2011

Brewer: China trip lays ‘solid foundation’ for new opportunities

After nearly a week of meetings in China, Gov. Jan Brewer said she’s very encouraged that the trade mission will reap great rewards for Arizona.

Sep 14, 2011

Brewer in Arizona trade delegation leaving for China

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer leaves Wednesday for China as part of a state trade delegation.